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Google Chrome is the recommended browser for using the Applications Portal. 
We are experiencing higher volumes of Standard Applications than usual and apologise for delays. We continue to ensure applications are assessed as quickly as possible in the order that they are received. Due to present application volumes, the Fast Track Assessment option for Non-Standard Connections is on hold.  

Important notice regarding credit card payments: Due to a technical issue with credit card payments in the fees cart, please use our sundry payment gateway

Getting started

Download our How to create a new account guide for step by step help to get started, or view our 'How to' video below.

Save time and money with a properly made application

Download the Check for Completeness guide (updated July 2021) for advice on how to submit a complete application. We assess applications in the order they are received, and making sure your application is complete and correct can save you time and money.

You can help us meet your expectations for a timely decision by:  

  • ensuring your application is properly made
  • including all necessary supporting documents
  • responding promptly to any requests for additional information.

Monthly performance statistics 

Standard Connection applications (lodged and paid)

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Mar 21 Apr 21 May 21 Jun 21 Jul 21 Aug 21 
Approval within 10 business days* 100%  100%   99% 93%  93% 92% 

*From receipt of payment and exclusive of public holidays

Connection applications (lodged and paid)

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  Mar 21 Apr 21   May 21 Jun 21  Jul 21  Aug 21
Approval within 20 business days*^ 79%  80%  74%   75%  63% 60% 

*From receipt of payment and exclusive of public holidays

^Includes Check for Completeness and Requests for Information where applications are with customers

Using the Portal

You can make an online application in the portal for the following services:

Services lodged by email:

*From 1 July 2020, these applications will no longer be accepted in hard copy and must be lodged via the portal.

  1. First you'll need to decide what service you require.
  2. Then download our Check for Completeness Guideline to help prepare a complete and correct application. This useful resource helps you to save time and money by explaining how to lodge a properly made application with all the information necessary for the timely assessment of your application.
  3. Gather the necessary forms and information for your application from the list of commonly required items below:

Common forms and information you may need (find the forms required during the initial application stage at Development forms 

If you are not the land owner; or there is more than one owner of the property; or the property is owned in a Company/Trust.

(only for Non-standard Connections and Service Advice Notices)

For property details and calculation of infrastructure charges. You will also need tell us what you are proposing to do on your lot.

  • Preliminary design or building plans

To indicate the water and wastewater servicing strategy for the proposed development. Please show on the plans where the services will be connected/altered/relocated/disconnected. You many need to engage an engineer to prepare your plans depending on the type of development you are undertaking.

  • Service type (drinking water, non-drinking/recycled or wastewater/sewerage)

Please note, non-drinking (recycled) water is only available in specific areas. Check our connection area maps before making an application for this service.

  • Change type

Whether the application is for a connection, disconnection or alteration to each service you are applying for.

4. We will review your application within five (5) business days. If all the required information has been provided, and fees paid, you will be notified that your application has been ‘properly made’        and the formal assessment will commence. 

If any information is missing or incomplete, we will issue an Action Notice identifying what is needed. You must provide us this information within 10 business days, otherwise your application will be cancelled, and fees forfeited. When all the necessary information is provided to us and fees paid within the 10 business day time frame, you will be notified that your application has been ‘properly made’ and we will commence assessment.

Once properly made, we will begin assessing your application. If we require further details to help us complete the assessment, we will issue an Information Request by email and you will need to lodge the additional information via the Developer Application Portal within 20 business days. If you don’t supply the additional information within this time, we will continue assessing your application on the information provided and a decision will be made.

All applications are assessed against the criteria set out in our Water Netserv Plan (Part A) – Connections Policy.Once complete you will receive a Decision Notice confirming:

  • approval or refusal of your request
  • conditions that apply to your Water Approval (or reasons for its refusal)
  • next steps in the connection process (if approval has been granted).

For time frames, refer to our service standards.

Our Developer Customer Service team is available to assist you between 8:30am – 4:30pm weekdays. Please call us on 07 3432 2200 or send an emailto

Before calling, some things to check if you are having trouble connecting to the Portal:

  1. It can only be accessed via your Developer Portal account, not your residential My Account (if you are also a residential customer of Urban Utilities).
  2. For best results, open the Portal using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

Enquiries and advice

If you need to know more about what information to provide, fees and charges, or the development process, email us at: