Welcome to the new Developer Services Portal

We've launched our new look Developer Services Portal, in the first move towards making development easier with Urban Utilities. You'll find services you know, with a fresh interface and some new terms.

Mehdi F Development services engineer stands in front of a white fence

What's different 

Besides a fresh look and an easy to navigate interface, you will find: 

  • status overviews to track your application progress
  • a few new names, including the old Services Advice Notice which is now Services and Design Advice
  • easier, single invoicing for Services and Design Advice requests.

More to come

Further upgrades, including the release of additional features and greater functionality is planned over the coming weeks. Please be patient with our team as they endeavour to serve all our customers and keep applications moving. 


Lodge an application, request a service or update your details.


         How to submit application documents - interim guidance
         How to guide

Access the Developer Services Portal How To Guide for step by step instructions to help you

  • Register a new account
  • Navigate around the Portal
  • Submit a new application
  • Respond to an information request
  • Add or update a 'Bill to' entity 

Getting started

If you are an entirely new user and want to lodge your first Water Approval application, just register* a new account and get started. 


To reactivate an existing account and access your applications, please contact us with the previous account name and email. If you have more than one account or email address, this process will need to be repeated for each account. In order to maintain your security, we will require confirmation from the account holder, company or company email on the nominated account. Please have this information ready. 

  • First name: Full contact name, e.g. Mary
  • Last name: Company name, e.g. Brown
  • Email: Unique email address, e.g. marybrown@company.com.au

Some business accounts are accessed by multiple users via a generic email, e.g. an email beginning with 'admin', 'info' or similar. To reactivate a shared account, please contact usIn order to maintain your account security, we will require confirmation from the account holder, company or company email on the nominated account. Please have this information ready.

  • First name: Full contact name of a Company representative, e.g. Mary Brown
  • Last name: Company name, e.g. ABC Consulting
  • Email: Shared company email, e.g. admin@abc.com.au

* Register link not working? Paste the following URL into your browser: https://developerportal.urbanutilities.com.au                                   (We recommend Chrome)

Get support 

For help, contact our Developer Portal Support team by emailing DeveloperServicesPortalSupport@urbanutitlies.com.au or call 07 3432 2200 (8.30am-4.30pm weekdays).

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