Notification of successful EOI for Endorsed Consultant Certification Scheme - 24 February 2022

Respondents to the 2021 Expression of Interest (EOI) for registration as an Endorsed Consultant have been notified. The updated list of Endorsed Consultants is published below (effective 1 April 2022). Please submit enquiries or questions regarding the 2021 EOI via email to with the subject 'Certification Scheme Endorsed Consultants'.

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Flood update March 2022 - Works access and restrictions

Flood update February 2022 - Network access for developers

February - Launch of new developer guidelines and resources, including Complex Asset Guidelines, Stage Tracker template and updates to Multistage Development Guidelines, Check for Completeness and Water Netserv Plan amendment.


December - ADAC file size compliance, correct font size in drawings, updated IPAM lists, holiday shut down dates and more.

November - Live works design requirements, surface level changes, hydrant siting, last date for large meter orders, Metering Guidelines coming soon, Christmas closure dates and more.

October - Major and Minor works: the difference and why it matters, constructing roads and driveways over existing mains, latest As-Constructed form mandatory from 31 October, sewer pumping stations in the field, Endorsed Consultant Certification EOI and more.

Septembertrench design, connections to maintenance shafts, Design Information Forum recording, maintenance structures, Netserv amendment and more.

August - Fire hydrant siting, live works connection design details, alterations to surface level of existing infrastructure, IPAM list updates, pipe trench design and more.

July RPEQ currency, changing of consultants through a project, Major Works Construction audits, Netserv amendment, changes to the Standard Water Approval process, updates to As-Cons Package Certification and Owners Consent forms, upcoming changes to water outage notifications, Endorsed Consultant Certification Scheme expression of interests and more.

ENDORSED CONSULTANT - Program update - 14 July 2021

ENDORSED CONSULTANT - Program update - Expression of Interest 12 July 2021

SPECIAL Release - Updated As-Constructed Package Certification form and Guidance materials

June - Large meter drawings and assembly guidelines, DBYD at design and construction, sand and our trenches, new As-Constructed Package Certification and Property Owner's Consent forms coming soon, 2021-22 Developer Customer Price List, impact to planned works in July, revised infrastructure charges and more.

May - Details lost from Design PDFs, new proof of ownership requirements, avoid fees for changes, new Water Meter Serial Number Guide and updated TMS60 Low Voltage Switchboards and Enclosures, impacts to planned works and more.

April - Maximum connections to maintenance shaft risers, sewer main minimum grades, tips for loading documents correctly, ensuring correct drawing status at Major Works Design Review, labelling 'Issued for Construction' revisions, Easement Guidelines update, Fast Track on hold and more.

March - Trunk Water Main Design and Construction Code, call for outstanding As Con Packages, new and updated guidelines and forms, Compliance contacts, keeping up with the Code and more.

February - Netserv major amendment, easement update, site restoration and managing complaints, checking service locations before Design Approval, Network Access Permits and more.


December Thrust restraint design tips, RPEQ signoff, meter boxes in driveways, has your Council DA changed?, Plan sealing tips, Water Netserv Plan update, pre-requisites multi-stage development, Netserv Administrative Amendment, key Christmas close dates and more. 

November special edition - Water Netserv Plan Administrative Amendment effective 27 November 2020

November Christmas close dates, expediting water and design applications, tips for faster plan sealing, avoiding a lapsed application, lodging a staged application with Water Netserv Plan 2020, we've change our name and more.

October - New Major Works Construction and Compliance Guidelines, updated title block template, Uncompleted Works Bonds, tips to expedite Plan Sealing and more. 

September - New Minor Works Guidelines and Water Booster Design template, reduced extension fee closing, updated BOA form and more.

August Special Edition - Delivering Major Works Design with Urban Utilities

August  - Sewage pump station specs, return to day shuts, new Standard Connection Guidelines and more.

July - New Water Netserv Plan effective today, updated forms and guides, 20-21 Developer Customer Price List and more.

June - Prepare for the new Water Netserv Plan, revised products and services, changes to refunds and how you pay, and more.

May - Updated Major Works Design form, prepare for new Water Netserv, latest Sub-metering kit, payment changes and more.

April - Infrastructure charges supporting development, half price extensions, new flyers, updated forms and more.

March - We're keeping applications moving, half price extensions for expiring applications, changes to NAPs and more.

February - Correct large meter orders, access to Urban Utilities' GIS, avoiding invalid Connection Certificates and more.

January - Advances and achievements, accurate As-Cons, changes to Major Works requirements, Draft Water Netserv update and more.

Find an Endorsed Consultant for your Minor Works

Consultants are endorsed according to capability, quality, and experience, with regular audits to ensure high standard service delivery and continuous improvement.

When choosing an Endorsed Consultant for your Minor Works, all customers are encouraged to ensure you are making a properly informed decision, including seeking multiple quotes.

Customers are responsible for arranging adequate commercial agreements when engaging a supplier. Urban Utilities holds no liability over products or services provided by an Endorsed Consultant.

Applications with Minor Works Water Approval Decision Notice issued prior to 1 April 2022

  • Customers with a Decision Notice issued before 1 April 2022 who have already engaged a consultant previously endorsed by Urban Utilities, and who is no longer endorsed from 1 April 2022, may continue in their current agreement with the engaged consultant for completion of the Water Approval.
  • From 1 April 2022, all Minor Works Water Approvals require a current Endorsed Consultant to complete certification.

Become an Endorsed Consultant 

Our Third Party Certification Scheme helps provide an efficient and cost-effective channel for customers requiring Minor Works connections. The engineering consultants that carry out the certification are called “Endorsed Consultants”

Applications to become endorsed open twice a year via a prequalification and Expression of Interest (EOI) process. Engineering consultants seeking endorsement must demonstrate how they successfully meet the required criteria based on capability, quality and experience. 

Prequalification for Expression of Interest (EOI) 

Expressions of Interest (EOI) for registration as an Endorsed Consultant will only be accepted where the following prequalification criteria has been met. 

To apply, please send the following to

  • Company details:
  • Name of company
  • Business profile
  • Principles
  • Organisational structure
  • Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Principal place of business
  • Name of Contact Person
  • Address
  • Telephone (landline)
  • Telephone (mobile)
  • Email
  • Capability statement including experience and knowledge of the SEQ Code and other industry standards.
  • Copies of RPEQ cards showing minimum five years’ experience for each civil RPEQ.
  • Confirmation that consultant will action more than 12 Minor Works applications per year.
The invitation to submit an EOI will be sent out to prequalified consultants every six months, with respondents notified of the outcome within eight weeks. Please note, only consultants that meet the selection criteria will be accepted. Urban Utilities reserves the right to limit the number of respondents accepted on each intake.