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October - New Major Works Construction and Compliance Guidelines; updated title block template; Uncompleted Works Bonds; tips to expedite Plan Sealing and more. 

September - New Minor Works Guidelines and Water Booster Design template, reduced extension fee closing, updated BOA form and more.

August Special Edition - Delivering Major Works Design with Urban Utilities

August  - Sewage pump station specs, return to day shuts, new Standard Connection Guidelines and more.

July - New Water Netserv Plan effective today, updated forms and guides, 20-21 Developer Customer Price List and more.

June - Prepare for the new Water Netserv Plan, revised products and services, changes to refunds and how you pay, and more.

May - Updated Major Works Design form, prepare for new Water Netserv, latest Sub-metering kit, payment changes and more.

April - Infrastructure charges supporting development, half price extensions, new flyers, updated forms and more.

March - We're keeping applications moving, half price extensions for expiring applications, changes to NAPs and more.

February - Correct large meter orders, access to Urban Utilities' GIS, avoiding invalid Connection Certificates and more.

January - Advances and achievements, accurate As-Cons, changes to Major Works requirements, Draft Water Netserv update and more.

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