This page is designed specifically for development Consultants and Contractors as an easy reference for any work you are undertaking in our service area. Bookmark this page for quick access to design specifications, standard drawings, the Developer Application portal and more.


Access the applications portal Visit the SEQ Code website


Sewage pumping stations

If you need more information about the requirements around sewage pump stations, we recommend reading the following documents:


Endorsed consultants 

Becoming an endorsed consultant

In order to become an endorsed consultant, applicants are required to:

  • Submit application information, as outlined in the Certification Scheme Guidelines
  • Satisfy assessment criteria
  • Enter into a Deed with Queensland Urban Utilities if the application is successful.

To streamline administration, we call for applications annually. We plan to issue the next invitation to become endorsed in 2019.

To apply to become an endorsed consultant, please send an email to