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March - Trunk Water Main Design and Construction Code, call for outstanding As Con Packages, new and updated guidelines and forms, Compliance team contact list, keeping up with the Code and more.

February - Netserv major amendment, easement update, site restoration and managing complaints, checking service locations before Design Approval lodgement, updated forms and guidelines, Network Access Permits - 2020 in review and more.


December Thrust restraint design tips, RPEQ signoff, meter boxes in driveways is a no go, has your Council DA changed?, Plan sealing tips, Water Netserv Plan update, site inspections can save you time, pre-requisites for lodging a multi stage development, Netserv Administrative Amendment, key Christmas dates for Developer Services and more. 

November special edition - Water Netserv Plan Administrative Amendment effective 27 November 2020

November Wendy Allen retiring after 50 years of service, key Christmas dates for Developer Services, designing near SEQ Water assets? Check this out,  a hint to expedite your water and design applications, more tips to sail through the Plan Sealing stage ... faster, lapsed applications cost time and money, lodging a staged application aligned with Water Netserv Plan 2020, we've change our name and more.

October - New Major Works Construction and Compliance Guidelines; updated title block template; Uncompleted Works Bonds; tips to expedite Plan Sealing and more. 

September - New Minor Works Guidelines and Water Booster Design template, reduced extension fee closing, updated BOA form and more.

August Special Edition - Delivering Major Works Design with Urban Utilities

August  - Sewage pump station specs, return to day shuts, new Standard Connection Guidelines and more.

July - New Water Netserv Plan effective today, updated forms and guides, 20-21 Developer Customer Price List and more.

June - Prepare for the new Water Netserv Plan, revised products and services, changes to refunds and how you pay, and more.

May - Updated Major Works Design form, prepare for new Water Netserv, latest Sub-metering kit, payment changes and more.

April - Infrastructure charges supporting development, half price extensions, new flyers, updated forms and more.

March - We're keeping applications moving, half price extensions for expiring applications, changes to NAPs and more.

February - Correct large meter orders, access to Urban Utilities' GIS, avoiding invalid Connection Certificates and more.

January - Advances and achievements, accurate As-Cons, changes to Major Works requirements, Draft Water Netserv update and more.

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