It's FY24 and the changes we've been talking about in our enewsletters now take effect.

Current fees and charges

2023 - 2024 Developer Customer Price List

Infrastructure charges and agreements

Visit Infrastructure charges and agreements to find out more about infrastructure charges including how they are calculated, issued and payable.

Infrastructure Charges Register

The below registers provide publicly available records relating to infrastructure charges and trunk infrastructure. The Infrastructure Charges Register will consist of a register of Levied Infrastructure Charges, a quarterly report of Trunk Infrastructure Information and an annual report of Infrastructure Charges Information. 

Levied Infrastructure Charges

Information about infrastructure charges levied by Urban Utilities can be viewed in this extract which will be updated monthly.  The infrastructure Charges Register lists all details relating to levied charges.

To access a copy of the Infrastructure Charge Notice, click on the ICN number in the excel sheet below to download a copy. If a link is not accessible, please contact for further information.

An Infrastructure Charges Notice is provided to a development applicant with a water approval. The Infrastructure Charges Notice outlines the charges relevant to the proposal for a connection to Urban Utilities infrastructure networks.   
Trunk Infrastructure Information reporting

Starting 1 July 2021, Urban Utilities will publish quarterly reporting on trunk infrastructure information. This Quarterly Report includes details of the costs for the quarter related to trunk infrastructure provided by both developers and Urban Utilities.

This Quarterly Report will also contain information about trunk infrastructure that is delivered by Urban Utilities but that is not identified in the Water Netserv Plan.

This information is published as soon as reasonably practicable after the end of each quarter.

Infrastructure Charges Information reporting

Also starting 1 July 2021, Urban Utilities will publish annual reporting on infrastructure charges revenue and expenditure information as part of its obligations for the Infrastructure Charges Register.
The Infrastructure Charges Information reporting contains both actual and forecasted infrastructure charges revenue and trunk infrastructure expenditure information. The report will be available before 1 December each year.

Infrastructure charges register - forecast revenue and expenditure FY2024 - FY2026