As-Constructed Package Certification Form

Download the As-Constructed Package Certification form from our Development forms page (mandatory from 26 October 2022).

Please refer here for guidance on how to use the Developer Services Portal and, in particular, how to submit an As-Constructed Package.

How to lodge

When all Construction, Restoration and Quality Control tasks are complete you can commence to upload your As-Constructed Certification Package.

Once you have all of the required documents, upload each item in a complete and well identified package to the Developer Applications Portal. Each file is to be uploaded with the correct document category (i.e. “As-Constructed Package”) as prescribed on the As-Constructed Package Certification form.

CCTV files are to be provided by a direct download link from a cloud based/file transfer facility e.g. Dropbox or similar – this link can be included within the As-Constructed Package submission uploaded onto the Developer Applications Portal.



You can upload documents at any time in the Developer Applications Portal. You will not be able to gain access to the Ascon Submittal stage of the Portal and hence be able to make your compliance declarations and submit the Ascon package unless the following has been completed depending on how your Water Approval has been classified.

MINOR WORKS – Works must have been registered in the proper format via email with Development Audit as per the Minor Works Construction Guidelines.  

MAJOR WORKS – A field On Maintenance Audit must have been completed and passed. Refer to the Major Works Construction and Compliance Guidelines.



Please upload your As-Constructed package to the Developer Portal as Document Category “As-Constructed Package”. Uploading under another Document Category may delay the review of your package. If this Document Category is not available, there may be outstanding fees or processes that need to be completed prior to uploading the package. If this Document Category is unavailable, and you have checked that there are no outstanding fees to be paid, please contact the Compliance Team for assistance.


ADAC Version and Survey Datum

We are currently accepting ADAC Versions 4.2 and 5.01. As new ADAC versions are released, we will endeavour to accept these as soon as possible.

We are currently accepting the following Survey Datums: GDA/MGA94 – Zone 56 and GDA/MGA2020 - Zone 56.

Contact us

For more information contact us on (07) 3855 6896 or email

To keep your compliance assessment moving with fewer requests for information follow these tips:

  • all forms are completed accurately, including signature of certifying RPEQ where required
  • documents are uploaded and titled as per the relevant name or description on the As-Constructed Package Certification form
  • site inspection reports feature:
    • location
    • date and time
    • detailed descriptions of the compliance or defect rectifications  
    • photos to identify the site and key attributes
  • testing reports and receipts are appropriately sized and copied for easy reading
  • receipts and dockets show delivery address
  • back and front images of contractor accreditation
  • designs and drawings feature all Urban Utilities title block information requirements (access below).

An ADAC XML must be included and capture all assets (in the asset type) in the following circumstances:

  • water or recycled water development where:
    • there is > 40m of pipe in total, or
    • there are > 4 lots, or
    • any pipe has an internal diameter > 50mm (DN63P)
  • sewer development where:

    • there is >10m of pipe in total
    • there are >4 lots
    • any pipe has an internal diameter > DN150 (DN160PE) 

For advice on how to prepare and lodge compliant ADAC files please refer to SEQ Water Supply & Sewerage Design & Construction Code Asset Information Specification and Guidelines for the Creation and Lodgement ADAC XML Files.

All As-Constructed drawings must be presented on a title block that meets Urban Utilities requirements for information. The title block is used to display information about the project, including issue dates and revision information.

To see what is required, refer to the Urban Utilities title block key information and we recommend to use our supplied Urban Utilities title block - AutoCAD border.