Complete the As-Constructed Package Certification Form to request a Connection Certificate.

The form contains a checklist to help you to identify your requirements, including compulsory attachments.

When you load these to the portal, email to advise that the entire package is now loaded and ready for Queensland Urban Utilities to process.

Please don't notify us of the time that the package has been loaded when there are mandatory documents missing, as these rejections cause extra administration and delay the connection certificate process.

For more information contact 07 3855 6896 or email

How to ensure your submission is compliant

In addition to the consolidated SEQ Code Design and Construction Standards, we have also established a consistent standard for submission of As-Constructed packages. Requirements include:

  • revised drawing standards (including Urban Utilities title block, below); and
  • lodgement of a compliant ADAC XML file derived from the As-Constructed survey.

All As-Constructed packages must conform with the SEQ Code’s Asset Information Specification, which includes submission of an ADAC-compliant XML file.

An ADAC XML must be included in the following circumstances:

  • water or recycled water development with
    • more than 40 metres of pipe, or
    • more than four lots, or
    • an internal diameter greater than 50mm
  • sewer development with
    more than 12 metres of pipe, or
    • more than four lots, or
    • an internal diameter greater than 150mm.

SEQ Water Supply & Sewerage Design & Construction

Access Guidelines for the Creation and Lodgement ADAC XML Files for advice on how to prepare and lodge compliant ADAC files.

Using Queensland Urban Utilities title block

All As-Constructed drawings must be presented on a title block that meets Urban Utilities requirements. The title block is used to display information about the project, including issue dates and revision information.