How to prepare an As-Constructed Package

In order to apply for a Connection Certificate, please download and complete an As-Constructed Package Certification Form which contains a checklist of all necessary requirements.

Once you have gathered all of the mandatory documents, please upload each item in a complete and well identified package to the Developer Applications Portal, before advising us by email to  that the entire package is ready for processing. 

Avoid unneccessary delays by ensuring your as-constructed packages contain the correct details, dates and all necessary documents. Missing information cause extra administration that delays the connection certificate process.

For more information contact 07 3855 6896 or email

 Ensure your submission is compliant

In addition to the consolidated SEQ Code Design and Construction Standards, we have also established a consistent standard for submission of As-Constructed packages. Requirements include:

  • revised drawing standards (including Urban Utilities title block, below); and
  • lodgement of a compliant ADAC XML file derived from the As-Constructed survey.

All As-Constructed packages must conform with the SEQ Code’s Asset Information Specification, which includes submission of an ADAC-compliant XML file.

A complete and well prepared As-Constructed Package will help when it comes to the timely issue of your Connection Certificate.

Keep your compliance assessment moving with fewer requests for information by following these helpful tips, in addition to meeting the requirements of the As-Constructed Package Certification form:

  • all forms completed accurately including signature of certifying RPEQ where required
  • documents are uploaded and titled as per the relevant name or description on the As-Constructed Package Certification form
  • site inspection reports feature location, date and time, as well as detailed descriptions of the compliance or defect rectifications and photos to identify the site and key attributes 
  • testing reports and receipts are appropriately sized and copied for easy reading
  • receipts and dockets show delivery address
  • back and front images of contractor accreditation
  • designs and drawings feature all mandatory Urban Utilities title blocks.

An ADAC XML must be included in the following circumstances:

  • water or recycled water development with
    • more than 40 metres of pipe, or
    • more than four lots, or
    • an internal diameter greater than 50mm
  • sewer development with more than 12 metres of pipe, or
    • more than four lots, or
    • an internal diameter greater than 150mm.

SEQ Water Supply & Sewerage Design & Construction

Access Guidelines for the Creation and Lodgement ADAC XML Files for advice on how to prepare and lodge compliant ADAC files.

All As-Constructed drawings must be presented on a title block that meets Urban Utilities requirements. The title block is used to display information about the project, including issue dates and revision information.

For the current recommended version, refer to the Urban Utilities title block key information and also the Urban Utilities title block - AutoCAD