Connecting water and wastewater (sewerage) services on your property is a critical part of developing. Depending on your needs, we can help at all stages of the application approval process, including:

  • Tools for researching your land, including mapping services and general advice.
  • Technical advice and support on applications from simple renovations to complex sub-divisions.
  • Advice for building over our pipes, including design requirements and formal approvals.
  • Support for developers undertaking complex brownfield or greenfield developments.
  • Requirements for the disposal of trade waste from commercial or industrial business operations.

Seeking advice on your lot or future development

If you need to find out about underground water and wastewater pipes, we can help. Visit Research my land for information about the network connections on your lot. 

If you need to find out about underground water and wastewater pipes, we can help. Visit Research my land for information about the network connections on your lot. 

If you are planning a complex development or a development that will generate trade waste (waste from a commercial or manufacturing activity) and you need advice before you lodge your application, we recommend you request a Services Advice Notice (SAN).  

Other services available before lodging a Water Approval application include:

  • Flow and pressure testing
  • Engineering searches
  • Build over infrastructure referrals.

 Make a change to our water and wastewater networks

Urban Utilities is responsible for authorising connections, disconnections and alterations to our water and wastewater (sewerage) networks, through the Water Approval process. The following steps will help determine the type of approval application you need to lodge. 

You will need an approval to undertake the following:

Water and wastewater connections
Water and wastewater disconnections
Alterations to water and wastewater infrastructure, such as reusing old/unused pipes and connections
Changing development use/activity, such as converting a house to a dentist surgery, or increasing development scale or use demands.

You do not need an approval if you are:

developing or constructing outside of our service area
moving to a property where water and wastewater services are already connected, with no proposed changes.


The application you require will be determined by the type of development you want to undertake. 

1. Water and/or Sewerage Works Request, for changes including:

  • Installation of a meter (where service and pit are already installed).
  • Raising a G-type maintenance structure (manhole) where the finished height is less than three meters.
  • Connecting a drinking water service to a government park
  • Extending the length of existing wastewater pipes (where no new connection is required).
  • Relocation of a meter on a residential block from one place to another
  • Disconnection of a residential meter (e.g. for demolition).

Apply for a Water and/or Sewerage Works Request.
2. Water Approval for a Standard Connection, for changes including:

  • Building a new detached dwelling (house) or a duplex on an existing lot.
  • Subdividing one residential lot to create two lots (Reconfiguration of a Lot) resulting in:
    • a detached dwelling (house) on each of the two lots; or
    • a detached dwelling (house) on one lot and a duplex development on the other lot; or
    • two duplex developments (one duplex on each of the two lots).
  • Merging two residential lots to create one lot, with a detached dwelling (house) or duplex development on the final lot (Reconfiguration of a Lot).
  • Altering a detached dwelling (house) or duplex lot line (boundary realignment/Reconfiguration of a Lot).
  • Building an ancillary (self-contained) dwelling on a residential lot (e.g. granny flat). Please note: We recommend you also refer to the relevant local planning scheme for ancillary dwellings. 

Learn about and apply for a Standard Connection.
3. Water Approval for a Property Service and Network Connection, for changes including:

  • Connecting a new or altered water or sewerage service to a property.
  • Planning a multi-stage development, or development involving complex assets (pumping, storage and treatment facilities and reticulation network).
  • Planning a development that will generate trade waste.
  • Lowering a maintenance structure (manhole).
  • Raising a maintenance structure (manhole), excluding G-type with finished height less than three metres.

Learn about and apply for a Property Service and Network Connection.


Before submitting your approval application, you will need to have the following information ready:

  • Development intention – what you are proposing to do on your lot is important to our assessment. 
  • Type of connection – property service or network connection. 
  • Owner’s consent form* – if you are not the land owner.
  • Property information form* – used to detail property information and calculate infrastructure charges. 
  • Preliminary design – required to indicate the water and sewer servicing strategy for the proposed development. You may need to engage an engineer. 

* You can find the forms required during the initial application stage at Development forms.


Lodging online

Lodge your application easily online using our Developer Applications Portal.

    Guidance on using the Developer Applications Portal (PDF)