If you are planning a major development or a development generating trade waste and you need advice prior to making an application for a Water Approval, we recommend you request a Services Advice Notice (SAN). 

What information do I need to apply?

You will need to specify the aspects of your project you are seeking advice on, which may include advice relating to: 

  • infrastructure design and technical requirements 
  • Urban Utilities’ network planning within the area of your project
  • options for servicing your development
  • network capacity issues relating to your development
  • likely conditions of approval, including potential network upgrades
  • infrastructure charges, credits, and interpretation of our infrastructure charges schedule
  • trunk infrastructure servicing the site (e.g. trunk mains, pump stations, treatment plants)
  • options for building over our infrastructure
  • trade waste and discharge restrictions
  • easements and matters relating to land tenure.

How much does it cost to apply?

Please see the Developer Customer Price List for further details. 

How do I apply?

Once you have gathered any required information, apply for a Services Advice Notice through the Developer Applications Portal. The portal will guide you through the steps for making your application. Once your application fees have been paid, our team will assess your application.

How will my application be assessed?

We will assess your application against the criteria set out in our Water Netserv Plan (Part A) – Connections Policy and will issue you a Services Advice Notice confirming:

  • Our response to your advice request
  • Identification of any outstanding matters and
  • Next steps in the connection process.

If we require further information from you, we’ll issue an Information Request by email and you will need to lodge the additional information on the Developer Applications Portal.  


Infrastructure information provided by Urban Utilities may not be verified, and Urban Utilities provides no warranty or assurance that this information is correct. Independent on-location site inspections are recommended to verify the location, condition and size of any infrastructure.


Flow and Pressure Test (Services Advice Notice lodgement process)

We also offer a Flow and Pressure Test (Services Advice Notice lodgement process) for simple advice relating to the performance of the drinking water network in the vicinity of your development site. Indicative hydraulic (flow and pressure) curves drawn from a computational hydraulic model can be provided for reference purposes from any part of our water supply network.

Request a Flow and Pressure Test (Services Advice Notice lodgement process)

How much does it cost to apply? 

Please see the Developer Customer Price List for further details. 

For detailed advice on hydraulic designs internal to a development site, please contact The Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia Queensland Chapter or phone 07 3211 3262.



Information provided by Urban Utilities is based on hydraulic modelling ("Hydraulic Modelling Information"). Model results are for the anticipated performance of the water supply network. The Hydraulic Modelling Information provided through this process has not been verified by field measurements and may be inaccurate due to field conditions. As such, users relying on Hydraulic Modelling Information do so at their own risk and should make their own independent investigations to verify model outputs.

The Hydraulic Modelling Information does not state nor imply a guaranteed level of service.  Designers are referred to Urban Utilities’ Customer Charter and Customer Service Standards for facility hydraulic service considerations. Urban Utilities does not provide a service of minimum flows and pressures to private fire-fighting systems.