You will need to apply for a Standard Connection where any of the following network changes are proposed:

  • Building a new detached dwelling (house) or a duplex on an existing lot.
  • Subdividing one residential lot to create two lots (Reconfiguration of a Lot) resulting in:
    • a detached dwelling (house) on each of the two lots; or
    • a detached dwelling (house) on one lot and a duplex development on the other lot; or
    • two duplex developments (one duplex on each of the two lots).
  • Merging two residential lots to create one lot, with a detached dwelling (house) or duplex development on the final lot (Reconfiguration of a Lot).
  • Altering a detached dwelling (house) or duplex lot line (boundary realignment/Reconfiguration of a Lot).
  • Building an ancillary (self-contained) dwelling on a residential lot (e.g. granny flat). Please note: We recommend you also refer to the relevant local planning scheme for ancillary dwellings. 

Your application will not be a Standard Connection where: 

  • Your property is situated on a State-controlled road. The Department of Transport and Main Roads require special permits and will want to review and approve design before they will approve permits for contractors to carry out the work.
  • The sewer main is in the roadway or in a neighbouring property.
  • The property is not adjacent to the water main.

What do I need to apply?

  • A detailed site plan, marked up with the preferred location of the connection/s.
  • Building plans/floor plans if applying for a connection for a duplex or auxiliary dwelling.
  • Owners consent form if you are not the property owner.

Cost to apply

Please see the Developer Customer Price List for further details.

How to apply

Ensuring your application is complete and correct can save you time and money. Download our Check for Completeness guideline for information about how to submit a properly made application, and meet your expectations of a timely and consistent assessment. 

Once you have gathered all the required materials, you can lodge your application and submit the application fee through the Developer Applications Portal.

How long does the process take?

  • We will assess your application and provide a Decision Notice within five business days of a properly made application.
  • We will provide a quote for the construction of the connection within a further five business days.

More information on time frames can be found in our service commitments.

Note: during your connection application you will receive emails from Some email servers may block this address, so before commencing your application please check your security and spam settings.

How is my application assessed?

Your application will be assessed against the criteria set out in our Water Netserv Plan (Part A) – Connections Policy and you will be issued with a Charge Notice (for construction) and Decision Notice confirming:

  • approval or refusal of your request.
  • conditions that apply to your Water Approval (or reasons for its refusal).
  • next steps in the process.

If further information is required, you will received a request for information via email. Please lodge the additional information on the Developer Applications Portal. 

When will construction begin?

Once we receive payment, you will be contacted by our authorised contractor within three business days to arrange a suitable time for your connection. The construction works will be commenced within 25 business days.

What happens after construction?

After construction is completed and all applicable fees and charges paid (including your quarterly water and sewage bill plus Infrastructure Charges if applicable), we will issue you a Connection Certificate and As Constructed plans. Small subdivisions will need this certificate as part of the plan sealing (final approval) process with councils.

Enquiries and advice

If you have a question relating to a specific stage of the application process, including what information you need to provide, fees and charges, or the development process, please send your enquiry to: