Changes to electromagnetic large meter orders

From 1 July 2019, electromagnetic water meter assembly orders will no longer be accepted. Please refer to the new large meter designs. Please amend project drawings to allow for the new designs.  

Introducing new large water meter assembly designs 

Large Water Meter Arrangement drawings

Large Water Meter Arrangement drawings for existing assemblies*

* From 1 July 2019, electromagnetic water meter assembly orders are no longer accepted.  Please amend project drawings to allow for the new designs.  

More information

Guidelines for Large Water Meter Standard Arrangement Drawings  (updated Aug 19)

Version 2.0 updated 26 August 2019 to reflect the following:

  • Magflows not accepted post 1 July 2019.
  • Installation of meter assemblies >DN50 revised from “at the property boundary” to “within private property and close to the front boundary”.
  • It is the responsibility of the hydraulic consultant to ensure water meter assemblies are appropriately sized.
  • Sourcing options for <DN50 and >DN80.

How to order a large meter

  1. Download Large Water Meter Order Form and complete with the following information:
    • Site contact details
    • Site address
    • Meter assembly type (Please note, these meters will no longer be available from 30 June 2019)
    • Application number (e.g. 17-PNT-12345)
    • Drawing number
    • Billing details for large water meter order (if different to site contact details)

  2. Email the completed Large Meter Order Form to ensuring all required information is attached (including relevant designs showing the location of requested metering arrangement/s).

  3. Following receipt of the correctly completed Large Meter Order form, you will be issued a quote for the requested meter arrangement/s within three business days.
    Please note: the quote covers only the assembly and delivery of the requested meter arrangement/s. Installation is required to be arranged separately with your contractor.

  4. Please allow three weeks from payment for delivery of your meter assembly. For delivery of the meter to your site, contact our contractor on 07 30854502 or 0407 101 155 or via email at
  5. Electromagnetic meter installation

    Once your mag-flow meter has been installed, please contact us on 07 3432 2200 to schedule commissioning.

  6. Following installation, the developer (or consultant) must submit a meter installation form with the as-constructed package (PDF) required for Connection Certificate.

Installation forms

Email us for more information.

Smaller meter types

For DN32 and smaller water meter assemblies for domestic services, contact your local plumbing supplier for Urban Utilities approved meters.