If you need to find out what’s under the ground on your lot or block of land, the following services can help you. 

Engineering search 

This service provides information about Queensland Urban Utilities water and sewerage pipes on and around your land. The information available includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Water network: as-constructed date, diameter, length, material and operating pressure.
  • Wastewater (sewer) network: as-constructed date, average depth, downstream and upstream invert levels, length and segment type.
  • Maintenance structures (manholes): manhole type, use, lid type, material, surface level and depth.
Please note: The service locations identified in the engineering search are approximate only and do not provide detail on existing private infrastructure (or infrastructure owned by other authorities), off-line mains, or assets owned by other authorities, such as SEQWater.  
For all of the private plumbing fittings, including mains to tanks, pipes up to your water meter and sewer connection point, as well as combined drains, contact the plumbing department of your local council for a copy of your house drainage plan.

If you are planning to carry out work on your land, we recommend undertaking an independent inspection at the site of your proposed works to avoid the risk of unnecessary delays and expense. Please contact your local council to obtain details of any private water and sewerage infrastructure.

Please see the Developer Customer Price List for further details.
We will contact you within one business day to arrange payment, and action your request within five business days upon receipt of payment.  

Complete the Engineering search request form and send to developmentenquiries@urbanutilities.com.au. Our Developer Customer Services team will contact you to arrange payment.

Letter of Evidence

If you are seeking approval from council to re-align a property boundary and need an evidence of connection letter from us, please complete the Engineering search request form and email it to developmentenquiries@urbanutilities.com.au. Please detail your Letter of Evidence request in the ‘Supporting information’ section of the form and submit it with your development plans. Our Developer Customer Services team will contact you to arrange payment of the fee. 

Please see the Developer Customer Price List for further details.

Five business days upon receipt of payment.  

Connection areas and maps

Find out if your property is within our connection area using the maps below. 

Dial Before You Dig

The free Dial Before You Dig service can help you identify if our infrastructure is in the general location that you are planning to work.

Locating a water meter

To find out if there is an existing water meter on your property call us on 13 26 57 (8am - 6pm weekdays). We can let you know if there is an existing service recorded in our billing system; however, we are unable to provide the location or depth of the water meter. Our system is updated as details become available on new properties created and services installed.