How do I fix my blocked sink?
If your sink is blocked, you should call a qualified plumber immediately. They can assist you in clearing your sink.

We own, manage and have the responsibility of the sewerage network outside of your property boundary, and therefore cannot assist with faults within your home or business. Find out more about your responsibilities.

What should I do about a blockage in my pipes?

Please do not attempt to clear the blockage yourself.

  • If you live in Brisbane or Ipswich, we can clear the blockage for you. Please call 13 23 64 (24/7) or complete a blockage removal request (fees may apply, please see below).
  • Alternatively, call a licensed plumber to remove the blockage. If you need a referral to a licensed plumber, phone the Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland on 07 3273 0800 (8am-5pm weekdays).

Should you contact Urban Utilities to investigate the blockage and it is found to be on your private infrastructure, fees may apply.

Please note: Any cost associated with engaging a private plumber is the responsibility of the property owner/manager and not Urban Utilities.

Blockage removal fees

Brisbane and Ipswich: View blockage removal fees for Brisbane and Ipswich

Lockyer Valley, Somerset and Scenic Rim regions: We do not provide this service for properties in the Lockyer Valley, Somerset and Scenic Rim areas. Please contact a licensed plumber for assistance.

What if the blockage is in Urban Utilities' network?

If your plumber has inspected your sewer pipe and identified that the blockage is in our infrastructure, please call us on 13 23 64 (24/7).

Alternatively, your plumber may choose to call us directly and request for one of our officers to attend and inspect the site. If the location of the blockage is within the sewer network outside of your property line, then the response crew will investigate and resolve the problem.

Can I be compensated for plumbing fees paid to clear a blockage?

If the blockage occurred in a part of the sewer network that you are responsible for, you'll need to pay the plumbing costs. If it occurred in our side of the network, you may submit a claim for consideration for reasonable costs incurred.

If you engaged a plumber, you will need to pay the invoice regardless of whether the failure is in your pipes or Urban Utilities’ network prior to submitting a claim. Any cost associated with exploratory work, excavation, clean up, property restoration, and / or other associated contractor works undertaken at your property without prior approval from Urban Utilities is also the responsibility of the homeowner. Urban Utilities will not pay private contractors directly for any unpaid invoices.

Each claim is assessed based on its own merits and subject to a full liability investigation. You will be notified of the outcome in writing once investigation has been finalised.

Please note that Urban Utilities will not reimburse plumbing or contractor invoices associated with private plumbing or unauthorised works undertaken within our infrastructure.

To lodge a claim for consideration with Urban Utilities, you will need to provide the following information in writing:

  • Name, postal address and contact information
  • Property address where the alleged incident occurred
  • Copy of paid plumbing /contractor invoice
  • Reason why you believe Urban Utilities should consider the fees
  • Details of the incident

Please send the above information via e-mail to or via post:

Urban Utilities

Attention: Insurance

GPO Box 2765

Brisbane QLD 4001

*A plumber is unable to make this application on behalf of a customer

If you would like further information, please call us on 13 26 57  or find out more about blockages or sewer overflows here.

What happens if I need an urgent clean up at my property?

Interior clean up

If the inside of your home has been impacted by a sewage overflow, please lodge a claim with your insurer. They will organise the urgent clean up and restoration of your property and will liaise with us about your insurance claim.

Exterior clean up

If the incident is caused by a problem with our network, we'll assist with the clean up of the area around your home. We follow a clean up procedure established under guidance from Queensland Health, which includes removing any solid material, and rinsing and disinfecting the affected area to kill off bacteria and smell associated with sewage. As an additional precaution, we advise people to stay away from impacted areas for 48 hours to allow sunshine to kill off any remaining bacteria. We will also conduct an evaluation of our pipes to determine the cause of the incident and possible steps to minimise future issues.

Read more about steps you can take if your property is damaged.

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