Spotted a leak in the street?

We do everything we can to prevent leaks from our pipes, but if you see one in the road or on the footpath, please let us know. The sooner we know about a leak, the sooner we can fix it.

Report a fault

What causes water pipes to leak?

Leaks happen for many different reasons. For example, changes in rainfall, temperature, soil type, water pressure and ground movement can all cause leaks.

What sort of leaks should I report?

We are responsible for your water meter and the pipes leading away from your meter. Please report any leaks you see from these pipes (for example on the road, footpath or nature strip).

How do I know it’s a water leak?

Leaks can appear as flowing or trickling clear water or they can appear as a damp patch that doesn’t dry up over a couple of days. Water that has formed a puddle and appears after heavy rainfall may not be the result of a leak. 

How do I report the leak?

You can either:

Please do not attempt to fix the leak yourself.