By their very nature, concealed leaks are difficult to locate and can be an unexpected and stressful expense. Although you are responsible for the cost of any water lost due to leaks on your property, we want to offer you as much help as we can.

Read on to find out what steps to take if you've had a concealed leak...

Eligible customers for financial assistance towards the cost of a concealed leak may include:

  • Residential owner-occupiers, including pensioners
  • Residential property owners who don’t occupy the property (e.g. landlords)
  • A body corporate for a residential community title scheme where charges are billed to a body corporate account
  • A not-for-profit organisation or registered charity
  • A sporting club or association
  • Non-residential properties where Trade Waste or Sewerage Disposal Charges have increased due to a concealed leak (sewer component only)

For full eligibility details, please read the Concealed Leak Policy 

You can use a plumber of your choice to fix a leak on your property.

Alternatively, you can contact OneTouch Services, who manage accredited and trusted plumbers that are experts in identifying and rectifying concealed leaks. You can call them on 1300 036 404 or visit for more information.

If you’ve done the above and believe you are eligible to apply for financial assistance, here’s what you will need:

  • Your customer reference number. This can be found on the top right corner of an Urban Utilities bill.
  • A scan or photograph of the licensed plumber's invoice or report showing the leak has been permanently repaired. We will also accept plumber's invoices or reports from community organisations including ACRO, Home Assist and Home Care. You will need to upload a copy when applying.

Note: If your property is part of a Community Title Scheme (CTS) and you pay a percentage of all water used within a CTS, your Body Corporate will need to apply on your behalf.

Once you’ve submitted your application online or via PDF, a case manager will be assigned to you.

They will contact you within three business days to confirm that we’ve received your application.

Your application will be assessed for eligibility and your case manager may need to contact you for more information.

Apply for Concealed Leak financial assistance

Your application will be assessed for eligibility and we will be in touch. 

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What if my application is unsuccessful?
If your application is deemed unsuccessful or you are not eligible, we can provide you with an interest free payment arrangement to assist you with payment of your water bill. To discuss your circumstances please contact us, or speak with your case manager.