A safety switch for your water supply

AquaTrip productAquaTrip is a leak detection system that continuously monitors the flow of water into your property and automatically shuts off your water supply if it detects a leak, burst pipe or even a tap left running.

How does it work?

AquaTrip is installed on the incoming main water pipe leading to your property (just after your water meter). Once installed, you enter into the system the longest period of time you think water may flow continuously on your property as part of your everyday water use. AquaTrip will then automatically shut off the water supply if it measures a continuous flow for longer than this programmed time. It is wirelessly controlled and programmed through a remote control from inside your house and is powered by long life batteries, so there’s no wiring or electrical connection.
Because the system is specifically programmed to your household’s requirements, it will have no noticeable impact on your daily water use.

For extra protection there is an Away mode and a Night mode that allows AquaTrip to respond very quickly to a leak or burst pipe should it occur overnight or while you are away from the house, at work or on holiday.

leaky pipe

Reduce the risk of property damage caused by leaks

Kitchen damage caused by leaks

bill water drop

Save money on repair costs and excess water bills caused by leaks

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Reduce the amount of water you waste

Leaking water pipe

Purchase AquaTrip today for just $429, including GST and installation!

To purchase this product from Queensland Urban Utilities, you must be:
a) A residential water supply customer of Queensland Urban Utilities with your own individual water meter, and
b) The registered owner of the property in which AquaTrip is to be installed.