If you ever experience a water leak at your property, you'll need to know where to find your isolation valve (or stopcock) in order to turn the water off quickly.

Generally, your water meter is located in a small plastic box at the front of the property, near the footpath. Some townhouse or unit complexes may have individual meters for each unit. These are usually located near your unit, or in a centralised meter cabinet. Please contact your building manager, or Urban Utilities on 13 26 57 (8am to 5pm weekdays) if you’re not sure where to find your water meter.

Over time, your meter may become inaccessible due to dirt build ups, gardens, plants, or other obstructions. It is important you keep your meter box clear of obstructions for easy access when it matters most.

We recommend you:

  • TIDY: Tidy up your water meter box so it remains easy to read and use.
  • TAKE: Take a meter reading and track your consumption.
  • TURN: Turn your isolation valve off and on a few times to keep it moving freely.

Usually the valve has a small bar across the centre that allows it to be turned a maximum of 90 degrees or one quarter turn.

Occasionally there is a small hole in the centre of the bar which allows for a tool to be inserted to aid turning off the valve if it is stiff.

Still can't turn it off?

If you're not able to operate the isolation valve, or need assistance cleaning out your meter box, please call our 24/7 faults and emergencies line on 13 23 64.