Community impact

Scheduled maintenance

The Cowper Street siphon will require ongoing maintenance to minimise odour and protect it from becoming blocked with debris, as follows:

Weekly maintenance

The weekly maintenance consists of cleaning a bar screen in the sewer inlet at the entry to the siphon. Similar to a kitchen sink strainer, the bar screen filters the flow to prevent blockages that could lead to sewage overflows.

The items are then physically removed from the screen by Queensland Urban Utilities contractors who enter the siphon well to clean the screen. This process minimises build up within the pipeline and assists with odour control, by allowing the sewage to be pumped efficiently to the Luggage Point sewage treatment plant.

Annual maintenance

Maintenance of the main sewer doors and shaft located in the sewer well is scheduled to occur once a year for one to two days. This clean will ensure the sewer doors and shaft are kept in good working order to prevent seizure of the door while in use. A sediment trap within the siphon’s drop chamber will also be cleaned, to remove excess sediment captured in the drop chamber. This annual clean has been completed as part of the recent rehabilitation works.

On Thursday 23 January 2014, a pipe in the Cowper Street siphon network was damaged resulting in increased odour from the siphon into the atmosphere.