What's happening?

You can rely on us to keep things flowing, and from time-to-time we need to upgrade your local wastewater network.

From Tuesday 22 September 2020, our contractor, Bellrise, will start construction works to install a new underground wastewater pipeline in Deshon Street, Woolloongabba. The new pipeline is being installed to cater for future growth and reduce the likelihood of wet weather overflows in the area.

The pipeline will be installed in Deshon Street, along the road reserve of the outbound lane, between Sword Street and Railway Street. The project is expected to take up to six months to complete, weather and site conditions permitting.

Construction of the new pipeline

The new pipeline will be installed below ground using micro-tunnelling, which will minimise impacts to the community and the environment. Three temporary shafts will be constructed along the new pipeline alignment to allow entry and exit of the tunnel boring machine. Once tunnelling is completed the shafts will be converted to maintenance holes for future access.

Work hours

The majority of the work will be done during the day between 6.30am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Construction impacts

During construction, nearby residents and businesses may be impacted by:

  • construction-related noise and dust from machinery during excavation, saw cutting, potholing, trenching, drilling, concreting and pumping activities
  • increased vehicle movements with reversing beepers around work sites and when accessing the temporary site compound on Deshon Street
  • changed traffic conditions around work sites on Deshon Street, including temporary road closures to through traffic at Sword, Flower and Railway Streets
  • some footpath access will be temporarily unavalible around work sites
  • relocation of bus stops on Deshon Street. Signage will be in place to direct customers to the new location.

During these works there will no interruption wastewater services,

How will impacts be managed?

The project team will manage the construction impacts by minimising noise and dust wherever possible and placing barriers and signage around the work area.

To find out more:
  • contact the project team on 3855 6730
  • email community.feedback@urbanutilities.com.au


February 2021

The Deshon Street wastewater upgrade has been progressing well with the construction of the new under-ground wastewater pipeline completed in January 2021.

What's next?

The final works remaining include:

  • converting the temporary launch shafts in Deshon Street to maintenance holes
  • connecting the new wastewater pipe to the existing wastewater network
  • demobilisation of work sites
  • full restoration of affected areas, roads and footpaths, including on-street parking and reinstatement of bus stops on Deshon Street (Kingfisher Creek at Railway St and Kingfisher Creek near Norman St).

We expect the remaining works to take up to six weeks to complete depending on weather and site conditions.

What to expect?

  • Some construction-related noise and dust from vehicles and machinery
  • Nightworks for up to 2 nights when we re-open traffic lanes and on-street parking in Deshon Street
  • Changed traffic conditions around work areas with traffic control in place to manage flow of traffic, ensure pedestrian safety and maintain local access. Please take care and observe all signposting, speed limits and any directions given by traffic controllers.


The project team would like to thank the local community for your patience as we near the end of project completion.