Our delivery partner, Downer WSP, will soon start essential works to repair and upgrade the sewer pipe near, Gem Road, Kenmore. 

The sewer pipe, which runs adjacent to Summerfield Place, Yarawa Street and Scenic Road, Kenmore, was installed in the late 1970’s and has reached the end of its service life. Following recent emergency repairs on the sewer pipe, these upgrade works will be completed below ground, using a trenchless slip lining methodology to minimise impacts to the community and the environment and extend the sewer pipes service life.

What’s happening?

Sewer rehabilitation works will commence from late July 2021.  The works will be completed in stages and take approximately four weeks to complete, subject to weather and site conditions. We will keep you updated as the works progress.

Work hours

Most of the work will take place during the day, between 6am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Some night work may be required between 7pm and 5am. We’ll notify you in advance should night works be required. 

What to expect

While every effort is made to minimise impacts to the community, you may experience:

Construction impacts - there will be construction-related noise, dust and changed traffic conditions during the works, which will include excavation. Barriers and signage will be installed around work areas to keep everyone safe.

  • Intermittent odour - may occur when sewer maintenance hole lids are removed or during ventilation. This is required to ensure the safety of crews working in confined spaces. Our crews will monitor odour levels and use deodorising pumps during these works.
  • Tankering - sewage will need to be redirected away from nearby sewer maintenance holes on Comarty Street, Kenmore and the sewerage pumping station at Fortrose Street, Kenmore using tanker trucks or by-pass piping. Customers near these locations may experience increased noise from vehicle movements and machinery during pumping activities. We will notify impacted customers prior to any of these activities taking place.
  • Vegetation removal - will be required within the site footprint where crews will be working. We will undertake all vegetation removal (including some weed species such as mesquite and native tree’s) in accordance with Council and State Government requirements. We will also ensure if any animal breeding places are interfered with, this occurs in accordance with State Government requirements.

There will be no impact to footpaths, bus stops, bikeways or local connectivity during these works.

Please note that Urban Utilities and its authorised persons (including our contractors) are able to access private property to perform works on our assets under section 36 of the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.  

Project location

The sewer pipe is located near Gem Road, Kenmore, adjacent to adjacent to Summerfield Place, Yarawa Street and Scenic Road, Kenmore.

Four temporary access pits will be constructed along the existing sewer pipe alignment to allow entry and exit of slip lining equipment and machinery.

Work fronts will be located in:

  • Kingfisher Park, Kenmore
  • Glen Court, Kenmore
  • Yarawa Street, Kenmore
  • Gem Road, Kenmore

A temporary site compound will be located off Gem Road, Kenmore near the bushland area adjacent to:

  • Evergreen Close, Kenmore
  • Parkway Place, Kenmore
  • Annabel Street, Kenmore
  • Sachs Court, Kenmore

Sewage will also be redirected away from nearby sewer maintenance holes and the Fortrose Street Sewerage Pumping Station, located in Fortrose Street, Kenmore. 
We’ll install safety barriers and signage around work areas to keep everyone safe. Once slip lining activities are complete, the temporary access pits and work fronts will be restored as close to the original condition as possible.

If access is required to a maintenance hole, temporary access pit or air valve, an authorised Urban Utilities representative will contact the property owners and occupiers in advance. 

Project map
gem road map 
Our commitment

The project team will minimise the construction impacts to the extent possible, including managing noise and dust at the source, utilising traffic control and reviewing work methods as required. We will keep directly impacted neighbours informed by providing regular construction updates during the project.

Our delivery partner, Downer WSP and their sub-contractors will carry out the following communication activities to ensure timely notification of works and associated activities.

What you can expect:
  • Project factsheet distributed to local residents and business prior to the commencement of works, providing you with information on the location of works, what’s happening and what you can expect.
  • Door knocking activities to speak with directly impacted residents. Should access to sewer maintenance holes located in private property be required, the project team will contact property owners in advance.
  • Regular updates will be distributed to notify residents of construction activities and project updates. Keep a look out in your letterbox for these updates. 
  • We appreciate feedback on how we went, we will invite residents and businesses to complete a short survey following the completion of works. 

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