You can rely on us to keep things flowing, and from time-to-time we need to upgrade your local wastewater network.

We have constructed two new sewerage pump stations and associated pipelines in St Helens Road and Concorde Street in Mitchelton.

This sewer infrastructure will help to manage wet weather overflows in the area and reduce environmental impacts.


The grit chamber is designed to catch debris in the sewage flow, such as stones, broken glass and wet wipes. The debris will be removed during regular planned maintenance, to prevent damage to the pumps and other equipment. This will be performed every six months, during normal business hours, and will take approximately two hours.

The treatment facility, which filters odours from the pump station, will be serviced quarterly.

Odour management

During planning, in-depth odour modelling was carried out at each location to inform the final design and ensure the pump station complies with environmental regulations. The pump stations will incorporate a three-stage treatment facility that filters odours. The 12.5m vent pole at Concorde Street will ensure any remnant odours are released well above houses. 

Parts of Mitchelton are low-lying and flood prone. During heavy rain local sewer pipes may become inundated with stormwater, resulting in overflows. Following investigations, it was determined two additional pump stations were the most feasible long-term solution. Development Approval was granted in July 2018.

One pump station will operate in wet weather only, and the other in both dry and wet weather. Both will assist in diverting flows from the local sewer network to the larger trunk sewer network downstream (the North Kedron Brook trunk sewer main).

The St Helens Road pump station will pump 111,600 litres per hour, the equivalent of 1.75 home swimming pools. The Concorde Street pump station will pump 30,600 litres per hour, the equivalent of one home swimming pool every two hours.

 Mitchelton map

Artist impressions - St Helens Road

Helens Road artist impression

Helens Road artist impression

Artist impressions - Western catchment

Western catchment artist impression

Western catchment artist impression