Urban Utilities is committed to excellence in water and sewerage services that meet the evolving needs of our customers and enhance our communities.

What has been done?

As part of this commitment, we have upgraded the infrastructure between the Plainland sewerage storage facility and the Laidley Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).

Entry gate to the Gehrke Road pump station at Plainland 

Caption:  Entry Gate at the new Plainland Pump Station.

The project has improved the services, sustainability and liveability for the Lockyer Valley communities of Laidley, Plainland and Gatton.

This was done through the:

  • Introduction of the Plainland Sewerage Pump Station
  • Upgrading the existing Laidley Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Connecting the new facilities via a below ground pipeline

Thank you for your patience while we completed this important work.


Why has this been done?

The Plainland Laidley Wastewater Upgrades project provided essential network upgrades to keep things flowing.

The project has increased the capacity of the Plainland to Laidley wastewater system to meet future demand and anticipated growth until 2040. It will accommodate approximately 3,000 new residents and is designed to allow for capacity improvements in the future, eliminating the need to further upgrade the infrastructure.

This upgrade has removed the current requirement for daily tankering around Plainland, resulting in fewer heavy vehicle movements. There will be improved service capacities, reliability, and sustainability of wastewater services for the Plainland and Laidley communities.

Thank you for your patience while we completed this important work.

Work took place at Laidley Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), along Laidley - Plainland Road and side roads between Laidley and Plainland, and the existing Gehrke Road storage site at Plainland. 

Works also took place:

  • On some private property 
  • In local and state-controlled road reserves parklands, bushlands and creeks.

Plainland Laidley Wastewater Upgrades map

For more information about the project, you can:

For more information on this project or the wastewater cycle, please contact Urban Utilities via:

  • call our Contact Centre on 13 26 57 (8am-6pm, weekdays).

We would like to thank the local community for their patience while we completed this important work.