Seqwater has completed carrying out an essential upgrade on its water supply network in the Kenmore and Chapel Hill areas. 

The project involved Seqwater replacing eight valves on two water pipes that supply drinking water to parts of Brisbane.

Seqwater completed works to replace eight valves on two important water pipes in Chapel Hill and Kenmore. The valves replaced were more than 50 years old and had reached the end of their service life.  

Seqwater is the bulk water supplier in South East Queensland and Urban Utilities is responsible for delivering this treated drinking water to homes and businesses across our region.

Additional works  

Prior to the valve replacement, Urban Utilities and Seqwater carried out early preparation works, including flushing the network and Pressure Reduction Valves (PRV) installed at 29 Bielby Road, Kenmore Hills and 90 Fleming Road, Chapel Hill to maintain the area’s water pressure during the Seqwater upgrade.

We thank the community for its patience while Urban Utilities and Seqwater completed these important works to upgrade the area & essential water infrastructure.

Green was the Bielby Road and Flemming Road Pressure Reduction Valve installation areas

Pink area was the Brookfield flushing area

Blue area was the Chapel Hill flushing area

Orange was the  Kenmore flushing area


map of the Seqwater works and Urban Utilities flushing/trial zones