What’s happening?

From mid to late July, for about 12 weeks, we’ll be working at the Somerset Park day-use area at the corner of Esk-Kilcoy Road and Gipps Street at Somerset Dam, to upgrade the existing sewage tanker facility. Once completed, the upgrade will significantly increase the holding capacity of the sewage tanks and reduce the number of operational tanker and vehicle movements at the site. The new system has been designed to prevent overflows from the storage tanks.

The new sewage tanker facility upgrade includes:
  •     Doubling the existing storage capacity to minimise any chance of sewage overflows
  •     A fully fenced enclosure on the existing site
  •     The storage tanks will be housed in a concrete bund
  •     Roofed facility that will improve the visual amenity
  •     Odour control devices
  •     Telemetric sensors will be installed to control storage levels.

What can I expect?

During construction, you might experience the following impacts:
  •     Noise from machinery and reverse beepers
  •     Increased construction and vehicle movements, including daily tankering during construction
  •     Dust will be monitored and managed at source, using water suppression as required
  •     Some odour during daily tankering.

How will the sewage tanker facility operate?

Level sensors will automatically notify operators of the volume in the tank and a tanker will be sent to site to collect the sewage. The tanker driver will follow a safe operating procedure to ensure the site and surrounding environment remain clean and tidy at all times. In the event of an extreme wet weather event, the tanks will be emptied either more frequently or completely.

For more information

If you would like more information about the project or want to report any issues or concerns during construction, please call the Project Manager, Lachlan Green, on 07 38556205 during business hours or email Community.Feedback@urbanutilities.com.au