Urban Utilities and their delivery partner, Fulton Hogan Utilities will start site establishment in Perry Park, Bowen Hills with delivery of site fencing, office structures, equipment and material. The existing palm trees and other vegetation will be removed to make way for the launch shaft construction.  The large fig tree adjacent to Edmondstone Road will be protected. 

To build the new trunk sewer main, Perry Park will become a construction area and site compound for the 18 months to 2 year project. As part of the works, the existing Perry Park playground and facilities will be temporary relocated to a suitable green space nearby for community use during the life of the project.

Breakfast Creek Trunk Sewer collects sewage flows from Windsor and Newmarket. This trunk sewer main is an integral part of the Brisbane sewer network constructed nearly a hundred years ago, and given the growth and demands on the Brisbane network, a new trunk sewer main is required.

The new trunk sewer main will be 1.8 meters in diameter and a kilometre in length. A vertical launch shaft will be constructed in Perry Park and the retrieval shaft constructed adjacent to the Airport Link off ramp to Lutwyche Road intersection to depths of approximately 14 metres below ground. 

Once the launch shaft is constructed, a tunnel boring machine (TBM) will be installed. 

The TBM will tunnel through the Brisbane rock 11 metres in depth and over a kilometre before exiting. As the TBM progresses through the rock, 330 segments of reinforced concrete pipe are pushed along by powerful hydraulic jacks through the newly created hole in the rock to form the new sewer main. The TBM is then removed from the retrieval shaft and taken away.


In mid-August 2022, Perry Park will be closed to become the site compound, the shaded playground will be made accessible. The YMCA/Striker fields will not be impacted by these works.

Breakfast Creek Trunk Sewer Main upgrade map

Work hours

Day work will be carried out between 6.30am and 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. 

Our workforce will arrive onsite earlier to prepare for works and will make every effort to minimise disruptions.  We apologise for this inconvenience. 

What can I expect?

  • closure of Perry Park and temporary fencing around the perimeter 
  • removal of the play equipment within Perry Park
  • install  Perry Park playground and facilities to a temporary location
  • vegetation removal, the large fig tree adjacent to Edmondstone Road will be protected
  • noise from construction equipment and heavy vehicle movements.

Contact the project team or register for project updates by:

Phone: 1800 573 215

Email: networks.community@fultonhogan.com.au

View project fact sheet here