Urban Utilities is in the early concept planning stage for a world-class water management facility at Breakfast Creek, which would provide essential infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing city into the future. 

We live in a climate of extremes in South East Queensland. Our proposed facility will improve the resilience and performance of our network and provide a sustainable water supply for cooling and greening all year round.

The concept presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to benefit local communities and incorporate innovative and sustainable infrastructure for our communities into the future.

Our concept plan for the water management facility is made up of two parts - a wet weather management centre, and a water recycling and education centre. 

  • The wet weather management centre will help improve the performance and resilience of our network. During heavy rain events, the wet weather management centre would treat excess wet weather flows in our network (made up of predominantly stormwater) to a high level before safely releasing it into the environment. This process would reduce the risk of wet weather overflows which impact homes, businesses, parks and waterways in low-lying areas during heavy rain events – benefiting both our community and environment.
  • The proposed world-class water recycling and education centre would reduce demand on our city’s precious drinking water supply while ensuring green spaces remain cool and green all year round for the community to enjoy, no matter the weather. Water recycling facilities have been successfully integrated into urban, residential areas in Australia and around the world for more than 20 years, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and sporting precincts in Sydney and London.

We value community feedback and we will continue to engage with customers and stakeholders as we shape our early-stage concept plan. 

Community engagement sessions will now take place early in the new year, where we expect to have more information to share on the project with members of the community. We will provide details for these sessions as soon as they are confirmed.

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In the meantime, our team are available to listen and respond to your queries or feedback.

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