2022-2023 CBD Water Main Replacements

The water pipes in some sections of the Brisbane CBD are nearly 100 years old and are reaching the end of their serviceable life.

We will be upgrading sections of these pipes to ensure the reliability of the water network is maintained and we keep the water moving to your taps.

CDB Water Main Replacements 2022 - 2023

Our delivery partner, Diona, will work progressively to install the new water main replacements in the following locations:

What's happening?

Most of these water pipes are located within the council verge, however some pipes are found underneath the roadway.

To complete this work, our construction crew will be digging down to expose the old pipe and fittings, before removing them in sections and replacing with new pipes.

Our work in the CBD will be competed at night to comply with approved traffic permits and minimise the impacts of planned water outages when we connect the new water main to the existing water network. All work will be completed in accordance with regulator permits and approvals. 

All of the work will be completed during the night, between 6pm and 6am, Sunday to Thursday.

For more information about this project, you can:
• Contact the project team on 1300 13 38 during business hours
• Email UUTeam@diona.com.au
• Call our Contact Centre on 13 26 57 (8am-6pm, weekdays).

Thank you for your patience while we complete this important work.

Our delivery partner, Diona, will work progressively to install the new water mains at the following locations:


December 2022 - 2023



  • Elizabeth Street


During this work, businesses, residents and road users might be impacted by:

  • lighting equipment, construction vehicle movements and the use of noise generating machinery
  • changed traffic conditions 
  • temporary changes to footpath areas
  • restricted access
  • temporary overnight water outages.
  • temporary changes to rental stations
  • temporary changes to bus stops
  • Installation of above ground temporary water pipes (bypass feeds) 
The project team will manage the construction impacts by:

  • Placing barriers and suitable signage around the work areas during excavation
  • Traffic management in place to safely manage traffic flow.
  • Issuing at least five days’ notice prior to any temporary water outage. Only properties effected by water loss will receive a water outage notification.
  • Providing the local community with regular project updates
  • Minimising noise and dust and managing both at the source, to the extent possible crews will endeavour to complete the high noise work as early as possible (site conditions permitting).
  • Temporarily restoring disturbed roads, driveways and footpaths to allow for continued use while work is in progress
  • Restoring affected roads, driveways and footpaths as close to their original condition as possible, after the work is completed

This work will be completed at night  between 6pm and 6am, Sunday to Thursday. 

We will keep you informed abut these essential works with:
  • A Project Letter is distributed to properties in the street where work will be happening, and to properties in surrounding streets which may be affected by traffic changes, night works and temporary water outages
  • A 'Construction in your area' postcard is delivered to nearby properties prior to commencing night works
  • A 'Temporary water outage' postcard is delivered to affected properties at least 5 working days prior to any planned temporary water interruption.
  • 'Construction in your area' postcards and email updates will be distributed to keep the community informed about progress
  • Queensland Health and QFES will receive notification of timeframes and maps of the work footprint before any interruption to the water supply.