What’s happening?

Urban Utilities is committed to excellence in water and wastewater services that meet the evolving needs of our customers and enhance the liveability of our communities.

As part of this commitment, we will be upgrading important infrastructure across our region to future proof against potential flood damage to ensure safe long-term wastewater services.

Project Benefits

The February 2022 floods were one of the worst Brisbane has experienced, with more residents, businesses and infrastructure impacted than in 2011, according to Brisbane City Council.

Our delivery partner, Downer WSP, has commenced construction of a number of Creek Crossing upgrades, with the first site located at the TriCare property, Stafford Lakes.

Other sites include:

  • Eric Street, Goodna
  • Moggill Road, Kenmore
  • Pender Street, The Gap
  • MecKiff Street, Upper Mount Gravatt
  • Bennett Road, The Gap
  • Pineapple St, Zillmere

Please see Upcoming Upgrades for more information on these sites.

Construction will include pipe installation, upgrades and improvements to the supporting piers and surrounding creek banks, before decommissioning, removing existing pipes and returning the area to, as close to original condition, as possible.

The projects aim to:        

  • rehabilitate existing flood impacted assets and mitigate risk of future damage
  • improve the overall reliability of the water and wastewater pipes during wet weather and flood events.
  • improve surrounding creek beds, support piers and associated structures
  • reducing reactive maintenance and operational costs
  • provide protection to creeks and waterways in the network catchment.

We work closely with construction contractors to minimise the impact to residents and businesses in the area. Communication activities will take place before work starts.

What to expect during construction?

There will be no interruption to individual property wastewater services.

Construction impacts include:

  • During construction, nearby residents and businesses may experience increased vehicle movements in the area, noise and dust from heavy machinery and minor vibrations. We’ll minimise this where we can.
  • Changed traffic conditions will be in place around work areas and access roads. Traffic control will be in place to manage the flow of traffic, ensure pedestrian safety and maintain local access. Safety fencing, barriers and signage will be installed around work areas to keep everyone safe.
  • Odour - some intermittent odour may occur during ventilation activities. This is required to ensure the safety of crews working in confined spaces. Our crews will monitor odour and use deodorising pumps during these works.
  • Sewer services – this work will not affect individual sewer services. Sewage may need to be re-directed away from the work site using tanker trucks or by-pass piping. We will notify impacted customers prior to any of these activities taking place.
  • Temporary work sites and holding areas for pipe, materials and machinery will be located at construction zones. Downer WSP will install barriers and signage around work areas to keep everyone safe.
  • Visitor parking – Some access to visitor parking within work zones will be restricted over this period while works are undertaken. We’ll minimise this where we can.
  • Tree and vegetation removal: We understand local parks and resident fauna and flora are highly valued by the community. To allow for these essential works, there will be tree and vegetation removal to allow for access to the existing sewer pipe.
  • We have made every effort to minimise tree and vegetation removal where possible. Trees marked for removal will be removed in accordance with a qualified Arborist and in consultation with Tricare, Stafford Lakes. These activities will be monitored by an approved Fauna Spotter.
  • Restoration - we will restore all work areas as close to the original condition as possible, once the work is complete.
Our Commitment

The project team will manage the construction impacts by:

  • placing barriers and suitable safety signage around the work areas during excavation
  • minimising noise, dust and odour to the extent possible
  • using traffic management to ensure the safety of road users and pedestrians when required
  • temporarily restoring disturbed roads to allow for continued use while work is in progress
  • restoring affected roads as close to their original condition as possible, after the work is completed.


Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this essential work.

Stage one upgrade

Site 1: The first stage of works will take place within the Tricare property, Stafford Lakes.

Tricare property - Staffod Lakes

Site 2: 2226 Moggill Road, Kenmore

2226 Moggill Road, Kenmore.

Site 3: 29 Pender Street, The Gap

Map of 29 Pender St The Gap

Site 4: 57 MecKiff Street, Upper Mount Gravatt

Map of 57 MecKiff St

Site 5: 1 Bennett Road, The Gap

Map of 1 Bennett Road

Site 6: 72 Pineapple St, Zilmere

72 Pineapple St, Zilmere

Site 7: 14 Eric Street, Goodna

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The following communication activities will be carried out before work starts, as required:

  • Project letter – distributed to all impacted customers and stakeholders prior to start of work.
  • Doorknock – directly adjoining private properties to the work zone and site compound area.
  • Project updates – distributed to all customers for high impact works, including change from day to night shift and customers experiencing specific impacts.
  • Project webpage – where you can find all project information and updates throughout the project. 

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