Queensland Urban Utilities is committed to excellence in water and sewerage services that enhance the liveability of our communities. As par of this commitment, we're installing a new sewerage pump station (SPS) in Alexander Smith Place at 63 Grey Street, to cater for future growth and development in the area.

Why is a new SPS needed at South Brisbane?

The existing SPS, on the corner of Grey and Melbourne Streets at South Brisbane, will be decommissioned to make way for construction of the new Brisbane Metro alignment beneath the existing site.

The new SPS at Alexander Smith Place will be a submersible, all-weather pump station designed to operate continuously. It will have a greater flow capacity than the existing SPS to cater for population growth.

Most of the infrastructure will be located underground, including the wet well, grit chamber, emergency storage tank and pumps. The odour control unit, electrical switchboard, telemetry control systems and ventilation pole will be built at ground level.


The location allows for the construction of a below-ground SPS to connect to the existing sewer network.

The integrity of the green space will be maintained by minimising above-ground structures and incorporating landscaping to ensure the space is leafy, open, accessible and welcoming.

Grey St Alexander Smith Pl

What to expect

The SPS is expected to take about 12 months to construct (subject to weather and site conditions). There will be construction-related noise, dust and changed traffic conditions during the works, which will include deep excavation and piling of the wet well.

To find out more

To find out more about the Grey Street Sewerage Pump Station, you can:

  • Phone: 1800 071 230 (24/7)
  • Email: Community.Feedback@urbanutilities.com.au
Thank you for your patience during this essential sewerage upgrade, which will cater for future growth and development in South Brisbane.