We’re constructing a new wet weather sewerage pump station at Hawthorne Park, Hawthorne.

This new sewer infrastructure will help to manage wet weather overflows in the area and reduce environmental impacts.

The project is expected to be completed late 2021, weather and site conditions permitting.

Our principal contractor, Fulton Hogan Utilities, is undertaking the work.

What’s Happening?

August 2021 - Update

The remaining construction activities are within the main site compound in Hawthorne Park near the existing toilet blocks adjacent to Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne. 

Most of the work will be carried out during the day, between 6.30am-6.30pm Monday to Friday.

Workers will arrive onsite earlier to prepare for the day’s activities. Some Saturday work within the site compound may occur as required between 6.30am -5pm. 

Hawthorne Park

Construction of the concrete pump station wet well is progressing well.  A wet well is an underground concrete pit for wastewater to accumulate. The pit has an automatic pump to push sewer into the main sewer network when wastewater levels are reached.

Lindsay Street

Works are now complete and Lindsay Street is fully open.

Oak Street to Riding Road

Adjacent to Oak Street, a work site has been set up to continue the installation of the new sewer rising pipework. Additionally, a work area near Riding Road has been positioned to start the construction of a new sewer maintenance chamber and ventilation pole.
From Monday, 28 June to mid-July 2021, the northbound parking lane on Riding Road between Pashen St and Belgrave St will be closed.

  • Changed traffic conditions, traffic cones will be used to close the northbound parking lane along Riding Road.
  • Construction vehicle movements will use the closed parking lane to access the work area.
  • The footpath along the parking lane will be closed during these works. The existing pathways outside the work are will remain open.
  • Traffic controllers will be onsite to look after pedestrians and road users.
How will impacts be managed?

The project team will manage the construction impacts by minimising noise and dust wherever possible.

Let us know how we are going

We are always seeking ways to improve how we communicate information during the delivery of our infrastructure projects.

The survey is very brief and will only take about 5 minutes to complete.

For information about the project, contact the Fulton Hogan project team:
  • Phone: 1800 573 215
  • Email: networks.community@fultonhogan.com.au 




During heavy rain, local sewer pipes become inundated with stormwater, resulting in overflows.  Following investigations, it was identified that a new pump station was required to reduce wet weather overflows in the Hawthorne area.

The new wet weather pump station will operate during wet weather events only to divert flows from the local sewer network to the larger trunk sewer on Riding Road. The park location lets the new pump station to be built below-ground so it can connect to the new gravity sewer main that will be built from Lindsay Street to Hawthorne Park.

To keep the leafy, open and accessible park space, the new pump station will be built at the edge of Hawthorne Park, near the existing toilet facility.

Hawthorne Park Aerial_Aug20


 Artist impression of the new wet weather pump station in Hawthorne Park.