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What's happening?

Urban Utilities delivery partner, Diona, is working to maintain one of Helidon’s two reservoirs. This includes replacing the reservoir’s roof support columns, repairs to its roof and works that will allow the two reservoirs to operate independently. This work will reduce the risk of water supply contamination and help prevent future water interruptions.

Construction started in early December and is expected to continue until late February 2023. This work will be located within the fences of the reservoir site at 70 Seventeen Mile Road and will take place during the day between 6am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

About Helidon’s reservoirs

Helidon Reservoir

The reservoirs located on 70 Seventeen Mile Road in Helidon are built from reinforced concrete. Together these reservoirs supply an estimated population of 12,537.

Reservoir R118, with a capacity of 1.5 megalitres, has suffered from corrosion on several of its metal elements, including the internal ladder, roof and the roof support columns.


While the majority of Diona’s work is taking place behind the reservoir gates, residents in the area may experience an elevated level of noise and dust as a result.

These works may involve temporary interruptions to the water supply of residents located near the reservoirs, these interruptions will always be notified for in advance.

Diona will keep the community up to date with timely community notifications delivered directly to residential letterboxes.

We will continue to update the community through construction notifications delivered to residents’ letterboxes.

For more information, get in touch by:

Phone: 1300 13 13 38

Email: UUTeam@diona.com.au