What happening?

Seqwater is constructing a new vehicle bridge at Mount Crosby, as a part of the East Bank Flood Resilience Program.

The project involves constructing a new crossing for traffic to replace the existing Mount Crosby Weir Bridge and moving a section of two large water pipes located on the western side of the Brisbane River at Mount Crosby.

As part of the preparation for these works, Seqwater commenced the relocation of the two water mains on 1 December 2023 and connecting them to new infrastructure near the Mount Crosby Treatment Plant.

Due to a technical delay the works were unable to be completed at this time. The remaining works will recommence 18 December 2023.

What to expect during construction?

The Mt Crosby water mains provide water to customers in parts of Brassall, Chuwar, Karalee, Karrabin, Moores Pocket, Muirlea, North Ipswich, Tivoli, Walloon, Woodend.

During these works, customers in these areas may experience potential discolouration and lower or fluctuating water pressure.

While the temporary change may occur due to an increased flow of water in the pipes while these works are being carried out, all water being supplied remains safe to drink and continues to meet the stringent Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

No loss of water should occur. If you experience any impacts to your water supply during the works, please call our Faults and Emergencies team on 13 23 64 (24/7).

Work hours

The remaining works are scheduled to commence 8pm Monday 18 December and are expected to be complete by 2pm Tuesday 19 December 2023.

The Seqwater East Bank Flood Resilience Program is expected to be complete early 2024, weather permitting. To find out more about the Seqwater project, please click here

We thank the community for its patience while Urban Utilities and Seqwater complete these essential works, and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The multi-million-dollar project is part of Seqwater East Bank Flood Resilience Program; a program of work to improve flood resilience and connectivity within the growing area.

The new vehicle bridge will provide safe access over the Brisbane River, will be more flood resilient, and designed to meet current safety and engineering design standards.

The new bridge will be built almost three-metres higher than the existing bridge. Whilst managing extreme flood events will continue to be a challenge in the future. The new bridge is designed to better withstand flooding and recover from being inundated.

Visit the Seqwater project webpage to learn more about these important works.

For more information

  • In the event that you experience impacts to your water supply during the works, please report this to our Faults and Emergencies line on 13 23 64 (24/7).