What's happening?  

Urban Utilities is committed to excellence in water and sewerage services that enhance the liveability of our communities. As part of this commitment, we’re upgrading the water network along Preston Road, Manly West. 

The Roles Hill Reservoir site stands as a testament to evolving water storage technology since 1928.  The grounds include four water storage structures and associated infrastructure; and are prominent landmarks in the area. 

Our delivery partner, Downer WSP will commence preliminary works along Preston Road, Manly West, to support the upcoming water network upgrade.

Construction will commence from Wednesday 14 February 2024, and will take up to three weeks to complete, weather and site conditions permitting.

Following the completion of the initial works, we’ll soon start work to upgrade the booster pump station and associated pipework within the existing reservoir site.

These works are due to take place in May 2024. 

Project Timeline  

Preliminary work from mid-February to early March 2024. Pump Station upgrade from May to August 2024. Project Completion in September 2024.


View of Manly Roles Hill Reservoir grounds from Preston Road, Manly West

 How we will manage the project impacts?
  • During construction, nearby residents and businesses will experience noise and dust from heavy machinery, increased vehicle movements and minor vibrations. We’ll minimise this where we can.
  • Residents may also experience possible generator noise when used to provide temporary power supply to the pump station during the commissioning process. We’ll let you know in advance before this occurs. 
  • We’ll be working during the day, between 6:30 am and 6:30 pm, Monday to Saturday. Some work may be required to take place at night to comply with approved traffic permits and to ensure the safety of crews working on main roads. We’ll keep the community informed before any night work takes place. 
  • Changed traffic conditions will be in place around work areas and reservoir access roads. Traffic control will be in place to manage traffic flow, ensure pedestrian safety and maintain local access. Please take care and observe all signposting, speed limits and any directions given by Traffic Controllers. Safety fencing, barriers and signage will be installed around work areas to keep everyone safe.
  • Temporary water outages will be required during different stages of the work.  We’ll provide at least three days’ notice before any planned interruptions to the water supply. Residents and businesses will a notification in their letterbox with these updates. We’ll restore all work areas as close to the original condition as possible once the work is complete. As we proceed with necessary construction, please be assured that we are committed to preserving the unique aesthetics of the reservoir site.
Our commitment

We’ll keep the community and directly impacted residents informed as work progresses with regular construction updates. 

If you'd like to learn more about the project, or register for project updates via email, you can contact the project team at community.enquriries@downergroup.com

Project Benefits

By upgrading important infrastructure, this project will future-proof our network reliability and ensure safe, long-term service delivery to the community.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we complete this essential work.


Map of Construction Area
  • The Roles Hill Reservoir grounds includes four water storage structures, an associated pumping station and supporting infrastructure, located on the corner of Daisy and Preston Roads , Manly West. 
  • Preliminary works will take place along Preston Road, followed by construction on the  pumping station and related pipe work in May 2024. 

The Manly Roles Hill Reservoir is located on Preston Road, Manly West.

For more information, please see below.

Call Jo Rogers on 0447 782 160 or

After hours on 1300 992 605

Email / register for project updates: Community.Enquiries@downergroup.com

Project Fact Sheet

01 - February 2024

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