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What's happening?

Our delivery partner, Diona, has started investigation works to assess the trunk main located on Edinburgh Castle Road in Wavell Heights.

This work involves multiple excavations to expose sections of the water main. Once this has been done Diona will assess the condition of the main to inform Urban Utilities of the outcome.

  • Construction started August 2 2023 and is expected to take place over approximately four weeks which will take place between 6pm and 6am Sunday to Thursday weather and site conditions permitting. 
  • Once the investigation has been completed final restoration of the site will commence.
Project Status

Work is currently in progress along:

  • Edinburgh Castle Road,
  • Rode Road

We will continue to update the community through construction notifications delivered to residents letterboxes.

What to expect during construction
  • Site investigations and location of existing services
  • Construction-related noise and dust from equipment, machinery and vehicle movements
  • Some footpath access and on-street parking may be temporarily unavailable
  • changed traffic conditions and possible lane closures around work sites with traffic management in place to manage traffic flow and maintain property access
  • some night work with safety lighting and noise from excavation work and machinery

There will be no interruptions to your water supply during these works.

Our commitment
  • The project team will manage the construction impacts by:
  • Minimising noise and dust at the source, to the extent possible
  • Using traffic control to ensure the safety of road users and pedestrians when required
  • Temporarily restoring disturbed roads to allow for continued use whil the works are in progress
  • Restoring affected roads as close to their original condition as possible after the work is completed.

Please take care when travelling through the area and observe all signposting, speed limits and any directions given by traffic controllers

Project Benefits

This work is taking place to inform future projects for Urban Utilities

Map of works

Works will take place along various sections of Edinburgh Castle Road and Rode Road. Additionally, a temporary storage area has been set up along the even-numbered side of Fourteenth Avenue, between Culgoola Street and Benelong Street, please see the map below.

More information

For more information, please get in touch by:

Phone: 1300 13 13 38

Email: UUTeam@diona.com.au

Project Factsheet

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