Construction continues on the Kenmore-Jindalee Cross River Pipeline project.

The construction team has completed the installation of 2km of new sewer main pipes in Jindalee, with the new main running along Mt Ommaney Drive, Wongaburra Street, Burrendah Road, Mankinna Street and Kooringal Drive, to connect with the existing main alongside Centenary Highway.

A new section of sewer main has also been installed in Kooringal Park.

What's happening?

Work is underway on the launch and retrieval shafts in Kenmore and Jindalee.

  • Work continues on the shaft construction behind the Scout Hall in Mt Ommaney Drive. Changed traffic conditions on Mt Ommaney Drive continue, with reduced speed in sections.

  • Construction of the launch shaft in Kingfisher Park is currently underway, during daytime working hours between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Saturday.
  • The shaft is expected to be completed in mid to end February 2017, with tunnelling to start at the end of February 2017, weather and ground conditions permitting.
  • From next week (week commencing 16 January 2017), the construction team will start to erect the noise wall barrier in Kingfisher Park, in anticipation of 24/6 tunnelling work commencing in February.
  • Directly impacted residents will be notified in advance of tunnelling works starting.
  • A vent pole will also be installed in the park following the completion of the tunnelling and will be located near the shaft, subject to approvals. It will be fenced and landscaped to Brisbane City Council’s specifications to protect the visual amenity of the park.
  • Full restoration of the park including landscaping will be carried out on completion of the project, including the installation of a new community water station for refilling water bottles.

Tunnel boring from Kenmore to Jindalee:

Tunnel boring is expected to start in the last week of February 2017, and take about nine weeks to bore under the Brisbane River at a depth of approximately 10 metres below the river bed. 

Once tunnelling commences, the work will take place around the clock, 24 hours per day, Monday to Saturday.  Some machinery maintenance work may take place on a Sunday from time to time.

Over the coming weeks, the project team will be door-knocking the directly impacted residents to talk through how we will minimise the construction impacts.

Construction impacts:

  • Construction noise in Kingfisher Park, including the operation of excavation machinery, truck movements including reversing safety beepers, and generators.
  • Night works will involve the use of a generator, tunnel boring machine and a slurry separator. 
  • Dust may be visible during excavation and backfilling activities and will be monitored and managed at source, using water suppression, as required.
  • Changed traffic conditions on Gem Road and Sunset Road during work hours.
  • Lighting in Kingfisher Park during night works.

How will construction impacts be managed for the community?

  •  Noise mitigation measures including plant suppression systems will be in place throughout the tunnelling works. Noise levels will be continuously monitored to ensure work methods are appropriate.
  • A gantry crane will be installed to reduce noise at night by eliminating the need to use a diesel powered crane.
  • Sound barriers will be placed around the worksite to suppress noise during night works.
  • Limited truck movements onsite after 6pm daily to minimise noise during night works.
  • Approved traffic management will be used to ensure the safety of road users, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • We will work closely with residents impacted by construction to address any concerns during the project.

    Residents can call the project team at any time 24/7 on 1800 071 230 (free call) for assistance or information, or email us at

    View our latest project newsletter here.




    Work is underway on the Kenmore-Jindalee Cross River Pipeline to replace water and sewer infrastructure damaged in the 2011 floods and to ensure the sustainability of the network in the western suburbs.

    The major project includes the construction of water and sewer mains inside a tunnel that will be bored 10 metres beneath the Brisbane River, between Kenmore and Jindalee.

    Works on the project started in Jindalee in late August 2015. 

    We are aware of how highly you value your local park. We will ensure that any impacts on Kingfisher Park's amenity such as the removal of trees (approved by Brisbane City Council) to allow heavy vehicle access for deliveries and the removal of materials excavated from the tunnel will be addressed as part of site restoration at the end of the works.

    Installation valve chamber

    Installation of a valve chamber on Mt Ommaney Drive, Jindalee

    Start of the tunnel shaft construction

    Did you know? Queensland Urban Utilities provides water and sewerage services to more than 1.4 million residents. We operate and maintain a vast network including 9000km of water pipes and 9000km of sewerage pipes.