Safety comes first when working on or near our water and sewerage network. We coordinate all works to ensure safety of contractors and minimise impacts of service disruptions for our community.

We operate a Network Access Permit scheme which ensures that our Control Centre and our Customer Contact Centre understand planned activities being conducted on our network.

If you wish to carry out work on or near our assets, you will need to have a valid Network Access Permit and agree to our Terms and Conditions.

You can apply for a Network Access Permit through UrbanAccess

If your Network Access Permit requirements are related to a Development Water Approval – please apply for your NAP via the Developer Services Portal. Your request will not be accepted via the link above.

How to apply for a permit

We've created the helpful guidelines below to show you the steps and documents you need to apply. The guidelines explain what we expect from you, and how to make your application easier and faster.

We know every application is different and we're here to help if you need more support, but we think the guide will give you a good start to understand the process and meet the requirements.

After you submit your application, we may contact you for more information.

Network Access Permit Applications - Guideline document (PDF)


Network Access Permit

A Plan Live Period is Urban Utilities’ notification system to schedule your proposed planned works. This notification system is to ensure there are no conflicting works and ensure your project runs smoothly.

Download a copy of the Notification of Plan Live Period procedure.


How to apply for a Permit through UrbanAccess - including attaching documents


How to add comments in UrbanAccess


How to request an extension in UrbanAccess


How to search and filter in UrbanAccess

How to read and accept terms and conditions

A self-start Network Access Permit (NAP) is a type of authorisation that grants users greater control over their network access privileges. Specifically, it enables the applicant or user to start and stop their own live periods in Urban Access, our permit to work system.

Without a self-start NAP, users typically need to contact the Urban Utilities Control Room to request access to the network, and to request that their access be terminated when they are finished using it. With a self-start NAP, however, users are empowered to manage their own access to the network. This means that they can start and stop their own live periods in Urban Access whenever they need to, without needing to go through the Control Room. Currently self-start is only available for permits that Urban Utilities deem to have low operational risks.

Download a copy of the Self-Start Network Access Permit Procedure