Work on our sewage network such as closed circuit television (CCTV) inspections, replacement of damaged sewer sections or sending people into the sewer to do inspections will require a section of the sewer to be isolated from the network.

A Sewage Isolation Plan details how the flow of sewage needs to be controlled to allow work to take place and what alternative equipment needs to be used to transport the sewage (for example a temporary pumping system between manholes or a tankering arrangement).

An approved Sewer Network Isolation Plan is required before carrying out any of the following work:

  • work on the sewer reticulation/trunk network
  • treatment plant and sewerage pump station works
  • work on the sewer rising mains.

Before you carry out any work, you will also need to obtain a Network Access Permit from us.

Find out about process and timings in relation to permits and plans.