A Water Network Isolation Plan (ShutPlan) provides details to personnel doing the work which valves in the network need to be closed and opened to allow water to continue to be supplied to as many properties as possible. It isolates a section of the network so it can be worked on.

The ShutPlan also indicates the properties which will be affected by the shut. The affected properties must be notified at least 48 hours prior to water being turned off.

An approved Water Network Isolation Plan is required before carrying out any of the following work:

  • a new water connection (must be applied for through our Development Services team)
  • work on a large water meter requiring isolation of our main
  • reservoir, water pump station and booster works
  • work on the water reticulation/trunk network (including all work involving Seqwater interface)
  • work on the recycled water network.

Before you carry out any work, you will also need to obtain a Network Access Permit from us.

Find out about process and timings in relation to permits and plans.