If your activities are related to a new water connection or new sewer connection, please contact our Development Services team.

The following table outlines the process and timings relating to applications to work on or near our network.



Applicant submits a Network Access Permit application online through the UrbanAccess website. ~10 days to process from receipt of properly made application.


If the request involves network isolation, a Network Isolation Plan will be prepared and approved prior to the issue of the Network Access Permit. We will endeavour to complete all isolation requests within 15 working days of request. Depending on the complexity of the works, some plans may take longer to complete.


Applicant receives a Network Access Permit together with the Network Isolation Plan (if applicable).  


Applicant organises appropriate resources to carry out network isolation activities (applicable only if isolation is required). >2 days prior to commencement of work


Applicant carries out any customer notifications as specified in the isolation plan (if applicable). 2 days prior to commencement of work


On the day of work and prior to commencing work, applicants are required to notify the Urban Utilities Control Room and advise the:

  • time the work will commence
  • anticipated completion time
  • Network Access Permit Number.
Day of work and prior to commencing work


Upon completion of works (on the day of work and prior to leaving site), the applicant must contact the Urban Utilities Control Room  to advise of completion of works.

Applicant must also scan and attach to the Network Access Permit the completed and signed Isolation Plan. Each step in the document must be signed and dated.

Day of work prior to leaving site

Need assistance?

For general enquiries, please call us on 13 26 57 (8am-6pm weekdays).

For technical assistance, our Network Access Team is here to assist you between 8:00am-3:00pm weekdays by calling 07 3856 7033.