20 November, 2019 14:00
water saving, tap filling with water

Urban Utilities and bulk water supplier Seqwater are asking Canungra residents to reduce their water use due to the ongoing dry conditions.

Canungra is not connected to the SEQ Water Grid and relies on water from Canungra Creek, which is treated at Seqwater’s Canungra Water Treatment Plant.

Urban Utilities spokesperson Michelle Cull said Seqwater has advised that due to the lack of rainfall, flows in Canungra Creek were the lowest they have been since the Millennium Drought.

“Based on the current outlook we expect flows in Canungra Creek to continue falling, so we’re calling on residents in and around Canungra to save water wherever they can,” she said.

“We know many people are already quite water wise, but with the hot, dry weather expected to continue we are asking residents to reduce their water use voluntarily.”

If the levels continue to drop and the creek stops flowing, Seqwater will commence carting water into Canungra to provide added security to the local supply network.

Ms Cull said Urban Utilities would contact residents on town supply in Canungra with information about voluntary conservation measures.

“We’re asking residents to only water in the early morning or late afternoon and we’re also recommending an ‘odds and evens’ watering schedule,” she said.

“Inside your home, you can save water by turning the tap off while brushing your teeth, only washing when you have full loads, and taking shorter showers.

“In addition to fixing leaking taps and toilets, we recommend residents check for hidden leaks on their property, by turning off all taps for an hour and seeing if their water meter registers consumption.”

Ms Cull acknowledged a whole of community effort would be needed to manage demand in Canungra over the summer months.

“Together we can help manage the impact that the hot, dry conditions continue to have on the local water supply,” she said.

The voluntary conservation measures have been developed in conjunction with Seqwater.

More water saving tips can be found at www.urbanutilities.com.au/watersustainability

Voluntary conservation measures for Canungra

Residential and non-residential premises

Watering established gardens and lawns

Residential and non-residential premises are encouraged to only water gardens and lawns between 4am-8am or 4pm-8pm on the following days:
a) Odd numbered properties – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
b) Even or un-numbered properties – Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Only sprinklers with a timer and hand held hoses with a twist or trigger nozzle should be used for watering established gardens and lawns. A bucket or watering can may be used at any time.

Council and State Government parks and road reserves   As above.

Residential and non-residential premises

Water wastage
 Residential and non-residential premises are encouraged to avoid wasting water by way of leaking taps and plumbing fittings, overflowing containers or structures (including but not limited to pools, spas, rainwater tanks and fountains) or allowing water to flow onto roads, paths and driveways during irrigation.

Residential and non-residential premises.

Swimming pool and spa top ups
Swimming pools and spas should only be topped up where one of the following is used:

a) a timing device to prevent the pool from overfilling; or
b) a down pipe diverter, rainwater tank or other fit for purpose non-potable source is available at the premises and all suitable non-potable water has been used; or

c) a pool cover is in place when pool not in use.


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