4 December, 2023 10:40
A child sliding down a slip 'n' slide.

Urban Utilities is sharing its top tips to save water and money as the summer school holidays kick off across the South East.

With the temperature climbing and kids at home, families are likely to be looking for ways to keep cool, but that doesn’t have to mean a bigger bill.

Urban Utilities spokesperson, Michelle Cull, said the kids can easily enjoy an afternoon on the backyard slip ‘n’ slide, without wasting water.

“A simple trick is to use a bucket or a watering can at the top of the slide to keep the water flowing without having to leave the hose on for hours,” she said. 

“Pool noodles are also the perfect bumpers for a slip ‘n’ slide – they just need to be tucked underneath the slide and secured in place with waterproof tape.”

Ms Cull said there were several other hacks to stay waterwise over the summer months.

“Use lawn clippings to mulch your garden beds – it’s free, full of nutrients and helps retain the water in your soil,” she said.

“With the kids at home during the school holidays, it’s also a good idea to keep bottles of tap water in the fridge to avoid needing to run the tap until the water is cold enough to drink.

“We know many families will be lapping up extra time with their pooches, but if you’re planning on giving them a wash, do it on the lawn so your grass gets a good drink as well.”

Ms Cull said it was especially important to be waterwise, with average daily usage currently sitting at 190L per person, which is up almost 40L compared to this time last year.

“Our combined water storages in the SEQ Water Grid have dropped to around 66 per cent and we know our drinking water supplies are under increasing pressure from climate change and population growth,” she said.

“We’re planning well ahead for water security, but we all have a role to play in caring for our water, so we have what we need for generations to come.

“Water is a finite and precious resource, and we should always remember to use water wisely.”

Other summer water saving tips include installing a pool cover to help reduce evaporation, showering to a 4-minute song, and watering your garden in the early morning or afternoon.

For more, visit https://urbanutilities.com.au/waterefficiency

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