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  1. Burst water main repairs Ann St

    3 Jul 2017 06:48

    Queensland Urban Utilities is repairing a burst water main on Ann St near the intersection of George St in the Brisbane CBD.

  2. Burst water main repairs in Wavell Heights

    10 Jun 2018 08:12

    Please attribute the following quotes to Queensland Urban Utilities spokesperson, Michelle Cull.Unfortunately, the water main we fixed at 235 Edinburgh Castle Rd, Wavell Heights yesterday has burst

  3. Call to save water as dam levels drop

    19 Nov 2019 09:24

    With the combined level of the drinking water dams in South East Queensland falling below 60 per cent, Urban Utilities is encouraging everyone to save water.

  4. Calling bright minds to register for Ipswich #WaterStartup17

    17 Oct 2017 10:41

    Queensland Urban Utilities is calling on Ipswich’s brightest minds to register for its first Water Startup Challenge.

  5. Canungra asked to save water as drought response activated

    5 Jun 2020 15:50

    Urban Utilities has issued another call for Canungra residents to save water, as levels in Canungra Creek have dropped further due to the ongoing dry conditions.

  6. Canungra community asked to save water

    20 Nov 2019 14:00

    Urban Utilities and bulk water supplier Seqwater are asking Canungra residents to reduce their water use due to the ongoing dry conditions.

  7. Canungra community encouraged to save water

    11 May 2020 12:32

    As the mercury drops and the dry season takes hold, Urban Utilities is encouraging Canungra residents to continue their water saving efforts.

  8. Canungra community urged to conserve water

    25 Nov 2019 19:00

    Urban Utilities and bulk water supplier Seqwater are urging Canungra residents and businesses to step up their efforts to conserve water due to low water supply.

  9. Canungra water treatment plant back online

    29 Jan 2020 09:23

    Following recent rainfall, Seqwater has brought its Canungra Water Treatment Plant back online.

  10. Celebration to mark completion of new cross-river pipeline

    25 Mar 2019 15:53

    Residents are invited to a community celebration to mark the completion of the new Kenmore Jindalee cross-river pipeline next Sunday, March 31.