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  1. Don't forget to include water in your emergency kit

    16 Oct 2019 14:04

    As storm season approaches, residents in the south east are reminded to store enough water in their emergency kit in case of extreme summer weather.

  2. Water wise tips to help your garden beat the big dry

    10 Oct 2019 15:02

    With the prolonged dry conditions continuing, Urban Utilities is dishing up water wise tips on how to get your garden blooming again.

  3. Makeover time for Gatton sewer pipes

    9 Oct 2019 17:22

    Urban Utilities will begin work in Gatton later this month, as part of a $135,000 project to upgrade sewer pipes in the region.

  4. Hive of activity in water meter boxes

    2 Sep 2019 11:21

    Queensland Urban Utilities has issued a springtime warning that bees are on the swarm and could be headed to a water meter box near you.

  5. New research to transform regional sewage treatment

    12 Aug 2019 14:56

    Regional communities could benefit from a $5.2 million research project to transform sewage treatment in regional and rural areas using a clean, green eating machine – algae.

  6. Fill up for free at the Ekka

    12 Aug 2019 14:29

    Visitors to the Ekka will be able to fill up their reusable water bottles for free at Queensland Urban Utilities’ new hydration van.

  7. ‘Flushability’ trials underway at Luggage Point

    5 Aug 2019 13:53

    Queensland Urban Utilities has begun ‘flushability’ trials to help create Australia’s first National Standard for products labelled ‘flushable’.

  8. Sing your way to savings with new shower playlist

    1 Aug 2019 15:11

    Queensland Urban Utilities has launched a new free Spotify playlist of shower songs to help people save water, energy and money.

  9. Innovations showcased at the Asia Pacific Cities Summit

    8 Jul 2019 13:00

    Three Queensland Urban Utilities ground-breaking innovations are on show at this week’s 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit (2019APCS).

  10. Local H20 on show at the Winter Harvest Festival

    1 Jul 2019 15:15

    Queensland Urban Utilities is encouraging Winter Harvest Festival goers to wash down their tasty treats with some fresh, local tap water.