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  1. Meet Sandeep George, Commercialisation Lead

    5 Sep 2023 11:45

    How can we economically turn organic waste into valuable products so we can divert it from landfill and our waterways? That’s one question Sandeep’s work aims to solve.

  2. Meet Peter Gould, Health Safety and Wellbeing Enabling Partner

    26 Jul 2023 11:45

    He’s the self-confessed “Yoda of Safety” at Urban Utilities, clocking 30 years in the industry and his “Skywalkers are doing a great job.” Peter Gould is our Health Safety and Wellbeing Enabling

  3. Meet Tamara Bauld, Environmental Manager

    29 Jun 2023 13:09

    Tamara Bauld’s career in water started 20 years ago in the labs - developing analytical methods for testing h2O - her first real job after university. Now, she’s Urban Utilities

  4. Meet Kylie-Ann Tomlinson, Client Liaison Officer

    23 May 2023 16:52

    “We had to physically pick up our water samples and test them the very same day.”Kylie-Ann Tomlinson can easily trace her two decades working in water, as her youngest child was one years

  5. Meet Graham Willey, Field Services Team Leader

    4 May 2023 13:19

    Despite starting his career in water 36 years ago, Graham Willey still sees the same people he first walked through the gate with, which gives him a strong sense of belonging.“You’ll find

  6. Meet William Speirs, Futures Strategist

    25 Apr 2023 12:23

    Why work in water here in SEQ?For William Speirs, his love and local pride of his home – Brisbane – and the opportunity to positively shape its future, is why he works in water, 13 years

  7. Meet Chantal Keane, Futures Strategist

    10 Feb 2023 12:17

    What does a career in water look like?Chantal Keane never imagined she’d find out, but her love of science and a well-timed run-in with our lab manager has led to five fast, fun-filled years at