Late last year, as part of a State Government initiative, eligible customers received a $55 discount, which was automatically applied to water bills.

The discount was applied as a one-off, and was applied to bills in Q1 2023. If you're an Urban Utilities customer, your bill for this quarter (Q2 2023) will reflect your full quarterly usage and total.

More information on the announcement is available on the Queensland Government website.

Q. Why was water released?

The State Government released around 116,000 megalitres of water from Wivenhoe Dam to allow additional flood waters to be stored if required this wet season.  

Q. When did the release happen?

Seqwater began minor gated releases from Wivenhoe Dam from October 15 2022 for a fortnight to lower Wivenhoe Dam’s temporary full supply level from 90 per cent to 80 per cent.

You can read the QLD Government's full press release about the dam release here

Q. What is the discount?

Eligible customers received a one-off $55 discount, which was automatically applied to their water bills in Q1 2023.

Q. Why $55?

The $55 discount covered the cost of around 13,200 litres of water per eligible household. The Government has advised 13,200 litres is equivalent to more than two weeks’ worth of water. It’s important to remember this doesn’t mean all your water was free for two weeks, as all households use different amounts of water.

Q. Who was eligible?

The discount applied to around 1.38 million people across South East Queensland. Eligible customers in Brisbane, Ipswich, and parts of the Somerset and Scenic Rim received the discount. Outside our service region, eligible customers in Redland, Moreton Bay, Noosa, and the Gold and Sunshine Coast also received the discount.

Q. How were payments made?

Urban Utilities automatically applied the $55 discount to eligible customers’ water bills in our service region. When a customer received their discount will depend on where they fall in our billing cycle. Eligible customers received the discount by the end of March 2023.

Q. Why does my bill seem higher this quarter?

Last quarter, we automatically applied a $55 discount to the water bills of eligible customers. This was a one-off discount - so if you received it last quarter, your bill this quarter may be higher, as it will reflect your full usage and total.

For reference: the $55 discount covered the cost of around 13,200L of water.

If you feel that your usage in Q2 2023 is higher than normal, it might be a good idea to check your water meter to ensure you don't have a hidden underground leak.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off all taps and water-using appliances in your home.
  • Locate your water meter (it’s usually on the nature strip outside your property in a blue or black box).
  • Do not turn off the tap/valve at the meter.
  • Write down or take a photo of the exact reading (the black and red numbers on the front of the meter).
  • Do not use any water for at least one hour (don’t even flush the toilet).
  • Read the numbers on your meter again, paying attention to the red numbers and dials.

How To Read Your Water Meter