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The easiest way to update or change your contact details is by signing up to MyAccount. You can also view your current and past bills, check your recent transactions, set up Direct Debit, and much more.

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  • Simply grab your latest paper bill and scan the QR Code located underneath your water usage graphs.
  • Alternatively, grab a recent paper bill (or the letter we sent you if you recently purchased a new home) and enter your account details exactly as they are shown on your bill into the web form below.

More than half of our customers have already made the switch to paperless billing. Why not join them?

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As custodians of a precious resource, we think switching is a simple, smart and sustainable choice.

Saving paper also means saving water. Did you know it can take 13L of water to make a single sheet of A4 paper? We still mail out more than 1,800,000 paper bills each year. We’d much prefer to see this paper stay as trees and this precious water stay in dams.

Switching can also make tax time simple, especially if you own more than one property. Why not cut down on clutter and keep all your invoices in the one place?

eBilling is convenient and mobile too and means you can view and pay your bills from your phone if you are on the go.

Switching also makes it easier for us to contact you in case of an outage or emergency. More than 168,000 customers have already made the switch.

Why not join them?

Yes, you can either complete one form for each property you own or register for MyAccount and manage all your properties and preferences in the one place.

Unfortunately, we can’t send you a bill by both email and BPay View. Please cancel BPay View with your bank before you apply.