The charges on your bill can look complex and be difficult to understand. So to help you, here’s an explanation about the standard items that make up your bill and how these are calculated to get your total amount. If there are any items showing on your bill that you are unsure of or need help understanding, please phone our Contact Centre on 13 26 57 (8am-6pm weekdays).

There are two types of charges on your bill. Fixed charges and water consumption charges.

1.Fixed Charges

Fixed charges are billed in advance for each quarter.
  • Water Access Charge -  helps to pay for the maintenance and distribution network that delivers water to your home.
  • Sewerage Access Charge - helps to pay for the sewage treatment, maintenance and the distribution network that removes sewage from your home. 

2. Water Consumption Charges

  • State Bulk Water Charge -  covers the cost of treated water that Urban Utilities buys from the State Government. It is charged per kilolitre (kL) of water used.(1kL = 1000 litres)
  • Tiered Consumption Charge - water consumption is scaled so that the more water you use the more you pay. These charges encourage residents to use water efficiently, and ensure high-volume users contribute their share. It is charged per kilolitre (kL) of water used. (1kL = 1000 litres)
  • Tiered Consumption Thresholds - tiered consumption thresholds and charges are divided into the two tiers on a per annum basis and are in addition to the State Bulk Water Charge.

Your water consumption thresholds are then calculated per quarter and will vary depending on the number of days of your water meter-reading period.

Example calculation:

A single dwelling residential property in Brisbane uses 27 kilolitres of water is a 91-day meter reading period, equating to an average daily use of 300L per day.

As this is below the 822L per day Water Usage Tier 2 threshold, no Tier 2 charges apply.
Charge Amount Price Calculation
Water Usage - Tier 1 (up to 822L per day) 27kl $0.838 per kL $0.838 x 27 = $59.05
Water Usage – Tier 2 (over 822L per day) 0kl $1.741 per kL $1.741 x 0 = $0.00
State Bulk Water Charge* 27kl $3.231 per kL $3.231 x 27kl = $87.23
Water Services 91 days 
$0.648 per day $0.648 x 1= $59.05
Sewerage Services – Brisbane

91 days

 $1.547 per day $1.547 x 91 = $140.77
Total  $309.67

*Set and controlled by the State Government. Urban Utilities passes it on to customers via their bills without any mark up.