As part of your Simpler Billing transition, we're switching water and sewerage services charges from billed in advance to billed in arrears.


Eventually, they'll align with water usage charges, making your bills simpler to read and understand.

Once your transition is complete, all charges on bills will be for the same period in arrears, and all bills will arrive days – not weeks – after water meter readings.

Simpler Billing will make it simpler for you to:
  • understand bills
  • monitor household water usage, and
  • detect hidden leaks sooner, saving precious water and money.

Please note: Lockyer Valley and Somerset customers transitioned to Simpler Billing in 2019 and their feedback was positive.

As a result of the change, your next bill will be lower than usual as it won't include any services charges. 


Because we already billed you in advance for services up to 31 March 2021 on your previous bill. Services charges can account for 60% of average residential bills, so a bill with none will be lower than usual. 



Please note: Brisbane non-residential customers will be billed for water services next quarter, but not sewerage services.


And guess what? The bill you receive after your next bill may also be lower than usual. 


Because its services charges period will also be shorter than usual – between 1 and 83 days, depending on when your water meter is read.

A typical services charges period is 90 days.For example, if your meter is read on 15 April 2021, you’ll be billed in arrears for the services period 01/04/21 to 15/04/21 and incur only15 days of services charges.

Lower, simpler bills!


Example timeline (click to enlarge):

Simpler billing transition timeline

Want to know when your next bill will arrive?

Use the web tool below to find out when your next bill will be issued and its due date.

Simply enter your suburb and street name (in full) into the fields and click the 'search' button.

Please note, the dates provided are estimates only and your actual bill issue and due dates may vary.

For more information about this small but important change, email or see the Frequently Asked Questions.


Start typing a postcode or suburb and select the desired one from the list.

Please enter your street name in full without using abbreviations – e.g. Vulture Street not Vulture St, Vernon Terrace not Vernon Tce, Laurel Avenue not Laurel Ave, etc