My current bill seems higher than my previous two. Why?

Don’t worry – there’s a ‘simple’ explanation.

Your previous two bills were likely lower than usual due to our Simpler Billing initiative. One had no services charges and the other covered a shorter than usual services charges period.

Note: services charges can account for around 60% of residential bills.

Your current bill, by comparison, covers a normal services charges period – around 90 days.

So, while your current bill may seem higher than your previous two, it’s likely just a return to normal total due.


Note: for many customers in Brisbane and Scenic Rim, your current bill marks the end of your Simpler Billing transition. From now on, your bills will be issued days – not weeks – after your water meter is read and all the charges on them will be for the same period, in arrears.

Simpler Billing is about making it simpler for customers to:
  • read and understand bills,
  • monitor household water usage, and
  • detect hidden leaks sooner – saving precious water and money.

Note: Lockyer Valley and Somerset customers completed their Simpler Billing transition in 2019 and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Example timeline (click to enlarge):

Simpler billing transition timeline

For more information, email or see the Frequently Asked Questions.