Not a residential customer? See our Non-residential/Business water and sewerage charges for 2023 - 2024.

Your water and sewerage bill will increase from Saturday 1 July. The typical household bill in our service region will increase by 5.2%, which will add around $19 to the quarterly bill including the Queensland Government’s State Bulk Water Charge.  

We’ve kept our FY24 price change as low as we could, but with high inflation, many of our costs have increased. The price change is needed so we can continue to provide safe, reliable services to our customers, renew our vast network and invest in essential infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing communities. 

We know the rising cost of living is on everyone’s minds, and something our customers and community are navigating daily. 
If you’re experiencing difficulty paying your bills we're here to help - find out more ways that we can assist.

Water services
Urban Utilities distributor-retailer charge Per kilolitre
Usage x Price/kL
Tier 1 Usage 2023-2024 (up to 822L per day)
Tier 2 Usage 2023-2024 (over 822L per day)
State bulk water charge Per kilolitre
Usage x Price/kL
State Bulk Water Charge 2023-2024^ $3.371
Urban Utilities water service charge Daily Price
Daily Price x Days Charged x Dwelling Count
Water Service Charge 2023-2024 $0.647


Sewerage services

Urban Utilities sewerage service charge Daily Price
Daily Price x Days Charged x Dwelling Count

Sewerage service charge 2023-2024 - Brisbane
Sewerage service charge 2023-2024 - Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Somerset, Lockyer Valley 


^Set and controlled by the State Government. Urban Utilities simply passes it on at cost to customers on their bills without any mark-up.

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