Automatic watering

Water tanks that automatically top-up or trickle feed from the town water supply can be a forgotten source of water use. If you have one of these automatic systems, make sure you check that they are working correctly, and not using more water than they require. You should also check to make sure the water you are drawing from the rain water tank, is rain water, and not drawing from the water main.

More people in the household

If the number of people in the household increased, water consumption will also increase. Visitors who stay even for a short period of time, or new tenants, could contribute to an increase in consumption.


Leaks can occur anywhere on your property and can often be hidden out of site. They can waste substantial amounts of water and may be hidden from view.

Find out how to check for leaks 

Home improvements

Home improvements can use a lot of water, including
  • Building work and renovations 
  • Landscaping
  • Concreting
  • Concrete cutting
  • New lawn being laid
  • Pool refilling
  • New gardens established
  • High pressure roof cleaning
  • Changes to fixtures and fittings (e.g. changed from water efficient models to standard models). 

Machinery, excavation and changes in water pressure during construction can also be a possible cause of water leaks.

Number of days of water usage

Each quarter, your bill may vary slightly due to the number of days in the quarter. You can calculate your daily usage by taking the number of litres used and dividing that by the number of days in the quarter (check the dates on your bill). You should do the same for your previous bill so that you can compare them to see if there has been a change.

Water meter accuracy

Water meters are very reliable and are calibrated to ensure they meet the required Australian Standard of plus or minus five percent of the correct amount of water supplied. If you think your water meter could be faulty, find visit our water meter test section.

Water meter testing

If you have considered all the above possibilities for the increase in your consumption, and you have completed a leak self-test to rule out a leak, you may wish to request a water meter test