There are a range of common reasons that can explain why your water usage charges are higher than normal. Read on to find out more...

My current bill seems higher than my previous two. Why?

Your previous two bills were likely lower than usual due to our Simpler Billing initiative. One had no services charges and the other covered a shorter than usual services charges period.
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Get to know your bill

There's lots of information available on your bill that can help you better understand your usage and charges.
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Spending extra time at home during COVID19?

We’re aware you might be at home all day right now, which means you’re likely to use more water than usual. Check out our tips on ways to use less water around the home.

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Changed something recently?

Have you had visitors, laid new turf or put in a new garden? These can all contribute to higher than usual usage.
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Received a letter about water usage?

If we recognise an increase in your water usage, we may send you a courtesy letter and water meter self-test guide.

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Take meter readings

To confirm your usage is correct, check your meter and compare the reading with the one on your bill. Reading your meter regularly can also help identify signs of a leak.
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Oops! Do you think there's been a mistake?

Unfortunately, every now and then a water meter can be misread. If you've compared the meter reading on your bill with a recent reading you have taken yourself, you may find this is the case. Contact us with your current water meter reading so we can fix this up.

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Need help paying your bill?

If you are experiencing difficulty paying your bill, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss how we can assist you with managing your account.
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Still have questions?

If you haven’t been able to identify what’s caused the increase to your bills, you may need to do some more investigating. 

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