When it comes to higher than expected water usage, there’s usually only a few explanations for what’s happened.
Common reasons for a spike in water usage

Have you had visitors, laid new turf or has the weather been much hotter? These can all contribute to higher than usual usage.

For example, you might be:

  • topping up the pool
  • watering the garden more
  • having more people at home during school holidays
  • having visitors come to stay
  • cleaning up after storms.

Find out other common reasons 

Get to know your bill

The number of days in your billing period may be higher.

At the top of page 2 of your bill, look for how many days this bill covers. Compare it with your last bill. Is this bill for considerably more days than your last bill? If so, your bill is higher as you have been charged for more days during this quarter.

Compare your average daily usage

The first chart on page one of your bill compares your average daily use each quarter. Look at this quarter compared to the last quarter average use. If there is a significant increase in daily usage for this quarter, use the links below to explore why this may have occurred.

Check for leaks

Even if you can think of reasons why your usage might have increased, it is still important to read your meter and check for leaks on your property to make sure there isn't an ongoing hidden cause.

Mistakes happen

Unfortunately every now and then a meter can be misread. Take a read of your meter and compare it with the one at the top of page two of your bill. If the numbers are significantly different, please call us.