Before the settlement of a property sale, we recommend a special water meter read is taken. 

A special water meter read provides you with the current status of a water and sewerage account. This information is used to calculate the amount of water and sewerage charges that are to be paid by the seller and purchaser on settlement day, and to identify arrears on an account.

You can book a special water meter read yourself, however your solicitor or conveyancer will usually organise this for you.

A fee of $49.00 applies for a special water meter reading service.

For more information, read our Special water meter read frequently asked questions.

Request a special meter read:

We require 4 working days to process your request. If you are applying after 2pm your request will be processed the next business day. Statements will be provided by close of business on the due date.

Special water meter read application

By post – download an application form